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  1. Been so busy renovating my house my 02 was feeling a little neglected. Hoping to finish off the interior in the new few weeks and tweek all the small outstanding jobs.. Luckily the "cool" season is here so the best time of year for working outside.
  2. Here in Thailand My 02 resto-mod nearing completion. Only the seats and carpet to do...plus a thousand "small jobs"
  3. Here's a pic with the arches cut out prior to fitting the flares. You can see that a fair amount of metal has to be removed.
  4. Thanks Wheels are 0 offset. Colour is custom mix dark metallic grey. As it's a resto-mod I felt it was okay to use something other than Polaris.
  5. As the title says. Finally got my new wheels and the turbo arches in place. 8 x 15 panasport style replicas with 205/50's. 50mm lowering springs, Koni sports and IE sways. Looks like I need to drop the front by another 20mm.
  6. I'm in Bangkok Thailand. Similar weather conditions to HK ( for your hot season anyhow ) My 02 is running a high compression modified motor. I have a custom alloy rad which is similar in size to the "Turbo" rad. I also have the tropical fan and tropical thermostat. Temp guage sits exactly in the middle and the motor will idle all day long. I have a few 02 friends in BKK driving a selection of standard and modified cars without temp issues. Would say it's often hotter here and traffic difinitely worse than HK so if you are overheating I'd say your rad and hoses need flushing or replacing. Very posible that the system is furred up and needs a flush out. Also wise to use a "water wetter" or similar coolant additive.
  7. Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement guys. The flares and airdam are all ready to fit CD but really want to wait till I have the correct offset wheels and all the other work is complete. Really keen to get them on but know it's better to wait. I'm aware the windshield seals' profile is a little higher than stock. But I'm not using the chrome lock strip and the wiper arms I have appear to clear. Not sure if they are original or something a previous owner found locally. here's a few more pics of the interior, the exhaust and my other German future classic DD.
  8. After reading some of the Uro seal horror stories posted on here. I was nervous about the install. I had bought the seals some time before discovering 02faq. Anyhow I went ahead with the doors and rear glass.. At first I thought I'd done something wrong as both were pretty simple and there weren't any issues with fit. Okay the doors require a heftier shove to close and I still need to adjust the glass but really nothing to moan about. Before installing the windshield I fitted my re-trimmed two piece dash. Had it smoothed out and recovered in black natural leather. I won't be using the heater controls in Thailand so had those blanked out along with the window demist vents. Windshield popped in and the seal fitted nicely along the top edge of the dash. Fitted the lock-strips without the proper tool. Can only assume the high temps here make the rubber more pliable. Hoping to finish of the sound installation before fitting an Only02 carpet set. Last but not least I had a local muffler shop build me a 2.5inch stainless single box system to fit my Fritzsbits stainless headers. Getting closer to finishing with every week that passes.. Can't wait to get a decent set of wheels and the turbo flares fitted.
  9. Just fitted door/windshield and rear glass with Uro seals. No issues at all. After reading the many bad revues on here I was nervous but had bought the seals before finding this site. Maybe the high ambient temp out here in Asia made them easier to work with ?
  10. Which model of 45 would suit a 2.1L, 9.5:1, 292 cam motor ? I see there is the 152 or the 152G which has four progression holes and is meant to smooth the transition from the idle circuit. The info I have read says these were intended for 16 valve or H/C motors. I don't have to worry about emission testing or economy. Just want the smoothest running and best performance. I already have 40's and know that for the street on a standard motor they are fine. And there are differing opinions on using 40's or 45's on a road going engine. But I want to try using the larger bodied carb to allow my motor to rev out to its full potential. if I use the correct chokes I believe I will still have a strong midrange and not loose drivability at lower revs Any input would be welcome.
  11. Yep heaps of room once the battery relocated to the trunk and the servos deleted. Shame it's so packed on the exhaust side.
  12. Hey Paul. The linkage is made by Sytec Motorsport. It's available from a bunch of sites online. They make pressed steel and billet ally versions for Weber and Dellorto with either single or double cables. It's designed to have the cable attached directly to the throttle peddle but easily modified to fit the 02 replacing the rod linkage. eg: http://www.motorsport-tools.com/engine-bay-carb-linkage-kits-c-17590_17591.htmlk
  13. Yes RHD for Thailand. The manifold is 4-2-1 from a UK company called Fritzsbits (fritzsbits.co.uk) it's stainless steel and beautifully made. It is however a very close fit around the the steering box. plus my brake and clutch reservoirs have been relocated away from the heat. I've wrapped it to hopefully keep the underbonnet temps down.
  14. Built the motor early last year but had been waiting on the bodyshop to finish off the paint. Rebuilt with IE 9.5:1 pistons/rockers and mech distributor. Schrick 292/valve springs. Port matched inlet/extractor manifolds. Pair of 40 DCOE Weber carbs. Plus a JB Racing 228mm Alloy flywheel. All fed by a facet electric pump thru a fuelking filter/regulator. Oil pressure came up straight away after a couple of cranks on the starter motor. Connected the coil and replaced the plugs and after some fiddling withbthe dizzy shevwas away. Ran it for 30 mins to bed in the cam. Then ran it for a further hour to tweak the settings. Oversized alloy rad and 'tropical' spec fan kept the temp gauge just under half way up the dial. Check out my quick youtube video.. http://youtu.be/3APc_H7cP7o
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