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  1. For those curious, I ended up going with the eBay set and doing the work myself about 3 years ago. They are still holding up and look just as great as when they were first installed if not better looking more worn in.
  2. My father owned this inka tii back in the 80's in addition to a fjord tii. He parted with the inka car in the late 70s early 80s in Chicago. It could be anywhere. Curious if anyone on the board now owns this car. 2762660 - BMW 2002 tii US - built October 9th, 1972 - delivered October 17th, 1972 to Hoffman Motors in New York - colour Inka (paint code 022);
  3. The rods p/n is 21-52-1-102-079 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=2583-USA-02-1973-114-BMW-2002tii&diagId=21_0103
  4. Driving on the freeway, I hear is a loud thud and banging as something is being dragged underneath the car. I initially thought the muffler had broken from its hanger but to my surprise, the half shaft appears to have broken away from the flange of the differential. I didn't get a chance to crawl under the car as I had it towed to the shop. From the photo I took, it seemed as if the bolts had backed out and whatever bolts left hanging sheared or snapped. The broken half shaft also seemed to have knocked a chunk out of the differential cover. My question is how did this happen? I had the same shop R&R the differential a little less than 2 years ago. I've put on 2k miles since having the rebuilt differential put in. Could the shop have not torqued these bolts down on the drivers side properly? Do these bolts back out often? Did they use incorrect bolts? The hardware looked new. Or is it just sheer chance that they happened to back out? The shop noted that the passenger side bolts are tight. Same shop is suggesting I replace all 4 joints as one is frozen which includes new boots. Anyone have any insight? Thank you.
  5. e21 320is Steering Wheel Driver condition e21 320is steering wheel. Leather has good patina. No holes or tears in the leather. The emblem has some micro fissures (shown in the images). Converted for a BMW 2002 with a contact pin. If you wish to use this back in an e21, you will need the contact ring (not included) as the pin is on the steering column vs the pin on the wheel for the 2002. Includes:Steering wheelHornContact pinHub coverCash and local pickup only near Encino.
  6. Nardi horn button in great condition. Cash and local pickup in Los Angeles near Encino.
  7. Will work for all models but is period correct for late models MY '74 to '76. Color is black with new plywood backings and new door clips. Chrome is good and is presentable. Door cards have small knicks and indentations from mounting. Cards are clean but could use a good conditioning of your choice. Cash and local pickup preferred near Encino in Los Angeles California.
  8. Can someone guide me as to where P/N 51716454226 Right and P/N 51716454225 Left door caps are installed on the car? Description indicates they cover up the recessed bolts in your door to keep that clean factory look.
  9. Having a hard time deciding which wheels to run. Seeking opinions from the larger group
  10. Mike is right. From what I recall, the e21 license plate light is a direct fit P/N 63261365755 for about $20 or so each. It's an original BMW part but not OE for our 2002s
  11. A. Yes, that is the Clutch Master Cylinder B. No, it connects to the Clutch Slave Cylinder C. You need to have it connected to the slave cylinder otherwise the system will be open and you will leak fluid. There is a bleed valve on the slave cylinder.
  12. Looks like Supersprint has come out with a new exhaust that has the "S" bend like the original exhaust. The profile doesn't look like it would match up with the cutout on the body (looks too short compared to the original). Has anyone purchased this exhaust and has fitment photos? I currently have the center exit system on my tii as that was all that was available when purchased years ago. https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/bmw-02-series-66-77/bmw-2002-20i-100-hp-68--75/rear-exhaust-right-54.aspx#!/
  13. I would suspect an air pocket in the system. When I changed my MC, I did not bench bleed. I filled my reservoir and let the air naturally escape through the hose from the MC to reservoir before I began bleeding. Are you using a Motive bleeder and what pressure are you pressurizing the system? Are you getting clear fluid on all of the lines and did you ensure you bled all the bleed nipples on the calipers (not sure how many there are on the 1600 but there are a few per caliper on my tii)? Did you ensure all your fittings are tight on the new MC and there is no leaks?
  14. The base of your seat looks exactly like mine. Bought my adapters from this ebay seller and here is how they look in the car. The brackets are now less than what I paid at $135 for the set. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Recaro-Seat-Installation-Bracket-Set-for-BMW-E21-320-is-2002-Porsche-Opel-VW/253091889191?hash=item3aed73c027:g:-CUAAOSwdxdZjs9M
  15. Wanted to share my experience with Connor at Vintage Autobahn. The hood seal set fits remarkably well and the quality is phenomenal. Wanted to also add, their reproduction trapezoid mirrors are just as exceptional as are their European turn signals. You guys will be seeing me again.
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