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  1. I know a coupl'a rednecks who would make their own ..... just sayin' ..... Cheers, Carl
  2. re. the notch on the tii throttle linkage spring thingie ...... Cheers, Carl
  3. huh ?? a 2002 in Simi Valley ?? I'm sitting right here in Simi Valley and just like Ken said: if I don't see his and/or mine, I don't see one ...... well, for a long time anyway ..... Cheers, Carl
  4. https://petrolicious.com/articles/the-memory-maker-driving-a-porsche-930-turbo-on-the-2018-coastal-range-rally Cheers, Carl
  5. out for a quick Saturday morning drive ....... Cheers, Carl
  6. +1 esty ..... My kill switch grounded the wire-from-the-coil-to-the-points wire. From a switch inside the passenger compartment I ran a wire to the wire which runs between points and coil, and simply spliced onto that wire (no need to cut that wire, you just remove a bit of insulation so your kill switch wire touches). The other side of the switch, I ran that wire to ground. Switch "ON" means the points are grounded and the engine cannot run. Cheers, Carl
  7. while breezing through an L.A. photo website, this popped up ..... the restaurant is Tiny Naylors (which went out of business in 1980) on Sunset at La Brea. Cheers, Carl
  8. Here's a tii datapoint for consideration ..... math is good .... statistics are gooder ..... Larry's '74tii is 2782059, built in June '74 my '74tii is 2782426, built on 18 July '74 thus, 376 numbers in let's assume ~4 weeks ...... 94 numbers per week ..... which is ~double what Conserv suggests ...... Cheers, Carl
  9. when your trusted mechanic is proud that he very easily got the new timing belt installed, but is perplexed he can't actually get the timing "just right" .......
  10. mint, in my '74tii with electric fuel pump: those flasher symptoms were possible/probable indications my fuel pump would fail ...... 10+ years later. here's some "ancient" history on the topic ...... Cheers, Carl
  11. I've got original plates for 1974 ..... my license plate is 311 MCA ..... blue plate. car was purchased in NOV 1974, plates received (I think) in DEC 1974 ...... Cheers, Carl p,s, I naturally assume that the DMV crowd has never been smart enough to figure out something as logical as you describe ...... but hey, that's just IMHO.
  12. tech tip you may already know: years ago I when those kits were available I bought one. When it was time to install it, I cleaned & dried the inner bore/sliding surface of the master cylinder, then gave it a good go-over with 2,000-grit sandpaper to smooth it out and remove any "chunks of whatever" that would interfere with the sliding action of the new rubber seal. (I always do the same to my wheel cylinders). With that said, it could "simply" be a "chunk of whatever" adhering to the bore, causing seal leakage. I've seen that in a wheel cylinder or two, and the 2,000-grit treatment solved the problem. Cheers, Carl
  13. Yes, I lifted that picture from jimk's provided link ...... and my '74tii definitely has the twist-in original-install pickup. Cheers, Carl
  14. so, like, I'm seeing the return tube outlet all the way down to the "same" level as the intake tube. SO, recalibrating my thought process: maybe I only hear return-line gas splashing when the tank is near-to-empty ?? Looks like I have a "look-see" project ...... Cheers, Carl
  15. jimk, now you got me wondering what the return fuel line looks like inside the tank. Maybe I'll work up the energy to pull the sender unit out and check it. What I'm sure of: I can hear the gas splashing into the tank with the gas cap removed, which means the outlet is above the fuel level at some point. SO, ANYBODY ELSE have a tii sender unit already out of the tank to look at the fuel return ?? Or are there any pictures of a sender unit that shows that particular detail ?? Cheers, Carl
  16. As best I understand the gasoline flow: the fuel return line from KF to tank is nothing more than an "atmospheric dump line" which means it is not high pressure. The design feature is to create a closed, and continuous, flow of fuel in the system. Once the gas leaves the back of the KF, it's work is done until it gets back into the gas tank for a later trip through the system. So drilling a hole in the top of the sender (in the correct location) or top of the tank is sufficient to accomplish the task of getting the gas back into the tank. On my '74tii, when I remove the gas cap, and the key is "on" I can hear the returning fuel splashing into the tank. It is a constant flow system: Key on, fuel pump on, fuel flows until key is turned off. On the topic of "atmospheric dump lines" ..... Oil Drain Line from KF to block. Take a close look at your tii engine, you'll see a rubber hose from the KF connecting to a short tube on the block. That is the oil drain line from KF to oil pan. Same concept/mode of operation as the KF gasoline return line: no pressure, just a routing method to get flowing fluid (in this case, oil) back to where it belongs (in this case, the oil pan). Cheers, Carl
  17. as an unofficial & unlicensed 2002 Tour Guide to some things Hwy 1 ..... Morro Bay, Tognazzini's Too on the Embarcadero, bbq'ed oysters drizzled with garlic butter, $2 each. I had a dozen for breakfast this morning ..... and I'll be back tomorrow morning ..... here's some of the evidence ..... here's the view ...... Cheers, Carl
  18. Here's harry6422, dark sweater, looking at the camera ..... and his green 2002, it is a beauty both inside and outside !! Cheers, Carl
  19. Add to the list: a Radiator Cap !! no joke, on my dad's Ford truck just this morning, the radiator cap disappeared while heading north on the 101 in Gaviota Pass !! Got to Buellton, O'Reillys Auto Parts had a new cap for me. You can find more water "anywhere" but a radiator cap is worth more than gold. Cheers, Carl
  20. I just heard that Hwy 1 is now open, all the road damage is fixed and the road is open !! https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/local/article215063895.html Cheers, Carl
  21. I got mine from Mesa Performance in Costa Mesa, CA. As I barely recall, they are for the back door of a 5-series. Also check with Harry6422 Cheers, Carl
  22. kb, Wow !! That looks plenty complete to me ..... the tool kit in my '74tii has those same tools. And that case looks great, mine is plenty worried & wilted & stained & dirty. Cheers, Carl
  23. When you receive the new Bilsteins and your favorite mechanic starts bragging about his brand-new high-tech spring compressor ......

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