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  1. when your favorite mechanic downsizes his shop and no longer wants to do oil changes for you, and wants to make the task easier for you to accomplish .......
  2. Here's a crankshaft place in Pacoima ...... https://www.recordcrankshaft.com/ Cheers, Carl
  3. we should all be so lucky !!!! Cheers, Carl
  4. when you need new brakes on the driver's side, but your favorite mechanic has not yet made repairs to his hydraulic lift .......
  5. when you need a shock fixit, and your favorite mechanic has a new guy in the shop that could use a little welding skill update ........
  6. A beauty !! And it deserves to be on the west coast so you can drive it year-round !! Cheers, Carl
  7. top row, the two far right pictures (your screen resolution may move things around) ..... https://www.imcdb.org/movie_7598448-The-Little-Drummer-Girl.html Cheers, Carl
  8. it's that time of year: driving in snow can be dangerous, especially if you prefer driving your Maserati atop a tow truck ......
  9. the picture above that layers posted of the burnt-out 2002: I'm told by Norm Manchen that the picture is from a completely different fire and was posted by a news network as "stock" footage, and therefore not an actual Camp Fire photo. With that said, what a tragedy with so much total loss of everything by so many people. Cheers, Carl
  10. My memory thinks that high strength bolts are necessary for this application ...... --- Something like a metric Grade 10.9 or better ?? --- I don't know if Grade 8.8 is good enough ?? Cheers, Carl
  11. I guess I am truly invisible. In 44 years of driving around L.A. in general, and lots and lots of other places, I've never ever had that many people offer up comments and/or commentary. Here's some reflections ...... Cheers, Carl
  12. Here's the "instructions" I followed to replace the original electric fuel pump with a 5-series pump. I did this in 2011, and the engine started right up and has continued to run fine, no problems at all since then. http://www.my2002tii.com/tii-fuel-pump_how-to.htm Can you cross-reference your Bosch number to the BMW part number shown in the article ?? Perhaps they are different pumps and the Bosch isn't "correct" for the application ?? Cheers, Carl
  13. Thara, there you are at Time 6:49 !! Cheers, Carl
  14. this looks similar ...... smaller quantity and lower pricing ....... $3.29 for 20 ...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/20PC-Auto-Petrol-Fuel-Injector-Micro-Filter-OEM-MD619962-14-6-3mm-Car-Sapre-Part/163283749408 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ longer at 18mm, but smaller diameter ...... https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/micro-basket-filter-fuel-injector-service_60490638928.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.38.13c42a6fswCMO3 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and even longer at 25mm ....... https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Micro-Basket-Fuel-Injector-Filter-25_60515001528.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.141.13c42a6fswCMO3 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cheers, Carl
  15. Since it is a '74tii, I'll offer up a couple of ideas based on my own experience. 1) you got points ?? Check to be sure they haven't slipped "closed" a little bit. A point gap too small makes for very hard starting. 2) The Ugliest Possibility: the Thermo Time Switch isn't working. The symptoms you've got are the symptoms I had a few decades ago. I would crank and crank and crank and crank, then about the last crank the battery could provide, it would start and run just fine. Turns out some component on the circuit board blew in half. I replaced it, no more problems. Here's some reading on topic with lots of other ideas ...... Cheers, Carl
  16. Nice Drive ..... and them's some clean-looking rims ........ Cheers, Carl
  17. I've had a Silicon Garage 3-row in my '74tii for 10 years. Fortunately no damage. Cheers, Carl
  18. Simeon, Noted and catalogued/archived !! On a happy note, such looks almost exactly like the rim of my spare tire, which still continues to provide on-going service beyond it's 44 original years ...... Cheers, Carl
  19. I like the "SADDLEBACK" license plate frame. When I bought my '74tii from Saddleback, they were down south in Mission Viejo, and still many years from moving north to Irvine. Cheers, Carl
  20. hmmm, already said above: bolt head against the starter. My mechanical engineer brain says that is "more correct ??" You want the starter torque to be taken up/directed against the "solid" of the bolt shank, rather than the threads. Unless of course there is no room to actually do that ....... Cheers, Carl
  21. I will suggest that jrhone and I are the lucky ones: we live in SoCal where the weather is perfect year round. With that rather large statement proffered, my '74tii has been my year-round daily driver for 44 years ...... with the huge caveat of "perfect SoCal weather" all that time. I'm still driving it because I've never ever grown tired of driving it. Cheers, Carl
  22. sorry, I got sidetracked for a couple of days. This is Gaviota Pass. A ways north of Santa Barbara where the 101 turns inland. The '74tii has been through here more than a few dozen times, starting way back in '78 ....... daytime, nighttime ....... all good times !! Just north of the tunnel is the exit to Lompoc and Vandenberg AFB (where the '74tii has participated in a few pig hunts). Cheers, Carl p.s. ELAINE !!!!!
  23. and these two pictures are the reason ....... Cheers, Carl
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