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  1. on the plastic fuel line topic: I've got about 260K miles and only had to replace 1 plastic fuel line due to severe abrasion. The 3 still-original plastic fuel lines work just fine. Because the plastic is "soft" compared to everything else, be especially mindful to "always and forever and continually" check to ensure nothing ever rubs against the lines. That was my problem: something moved unexpectedly and suddenly I discovered a veritable canyon of abrasion on one line. Why it did not rupture is simply a lesson in proper theology. on the beige wire topic: I have mine simply routed so it doesn't touch anything, thus when it wiggles around: the insulation won't be abraded. I like Wint's wrap-around idea, very clever. Cheers, Carl
  2. FYI ..... I found out the video was done out near Scottsdale, AZ. Cheers, Carl
  3. 2002 Memories From Before Birth https://bimmerlife.com/2018/09/27/2002-memories-from-before-birth/ UPDATE 02 OCT 2018 NEW LINK ..... for whatever reason bimmerlife changed the URL, here is the new one: https://bimmerlife.com/2018/09/26/2002-memories-from-before-birth/
  4. Hi Raj, +1 all above: use as is. Cheers, Carl
  5. the first picture is Fantastic !!!!! https://silodrome.com/history-bmw-2002/ Cheers, Carl
  6. Conserv, we have a VIN problem ...... per REALOEM: 2780950 is DEC 1973 ...... no way it can be JAN 1975 !! Is your post above a typo ?? I think so !! I bring this up because I am 2782426, and I am July 1974. and Andy74tii above is DEC 1973. Cheers, Carl
  7. there ya go ..... my '74tii, to no one's surprise, is still wearing the factory undercoating of whatever variety it was. SoCal weather always seems less problematic than NorCal. And I can't speak for NorCal weather, as it is different. And SFO is, to no one's surprise, the weirdest of the weird. Cheers, Carl
  8. undercoating ?? in SoCal ?? surely you jest ........ Cheers, Carl
  9. ...... on Topanga Canyon Blvd, just south of Sherman Way ...... I drove past this place more than a few times in my shiny new '74tii ...... and my dad bought a 318i from this place ...... Cheers, Carl
  10. mike, I don't know about you, but this would have certainly boosted my popularity when I was a young ensign cruising around in my '74tii .....
  11. jgerock, I don't think even Ben over at 2002AD has that much stuff !!! Cheers, Carl
  12. You know your high-performance hopes, dreams, and desires will finally be realized because your trusted mechanic just called, "Hey, that part you wanted ?? O'Reilly's has it, and I'm now negotiating price and delivery. Won't be long now."
  13. yeh, them temp dips are quite traumatic ....... if/when I ever need to replace the Silver Can, I would install a small-in-size switch where it can't be seen. Cheers, Carl
  14. who are these people and why are they never cruising around in Simi Valley ?????? KenH and I would greatly enjoy trading stories ....... Cheers, Carl
  15. when you don't want to destroy any of the interior ......
  16. +1 on opening the heater valve to push the air outta the heater core. With the engine cool enough so you can remove the radiator cap: you can "backwards" fill a bit: when the radiator level gets totally topped-up, coolant will flow "backwards" through the top-of-the-radiator inlet hose and back into the head. I do that a couple of times. I also squeeze the bottom-of-the-radiator hose to the thermostat a few times to help "burp" ...... whether it works or not, hey, at least I feel better. Leaving off the radiator cap I then start the engine and let it idle, bringing the engine up to operating temp so the thermostat will open and the coolant starts flowing normally. I like to think any air in the system gets vented out through the now-open radiator filler neck thingie at the top of the radiator. After a bit of that, I install the radiator cap and head out for a drive. And I check things a few times over the next few days. Cheers, Carl
  17. 15 to 20 pounds ?? I got more than plenty out here in SoCal, and you're welcome to any and all of 'em ...... Cheers, Carl
  18. TOTALLY AWESOME !! THANKS MUCH !!! Cheers, Carl
  19. Neoprene is bad ..... which is to say: not a reasonable long-term solution. You want Nitrile or Viton or Flourosilicone ..... check the line for "gasoline" ..... http://mykin.com/rubber-chemical-resistance-chart-3 Cheers, Carl
  20. It's a happy day when your most-favorite trusted mechanic calls and says, "by the way, you save $5 on today's oil change because I won't be charging you my normal 'old oil' recycling fee. Your car is ready to go whenever you are."

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