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  1. Conserv, My '74tii never had that wire hose clip on the KF. The fuel hose always did the 180-degree loop from the top (output) of the fuel filter, up & over the air cleaner snorkel, then down onto the KF banjo fitting. Cheers, Carl
  2. Conserv, filter #5: I recall that there is a screen filter in the backpressure fitting thingie on the back of the KF, where the gas exits the KF and heads back to the gas tank. Part #8: Cheers, Carl
  3. see attached ..... here's a quick video of local SoCal road conditions on this fine spring morning ...... Cheers, Carl video__2002__me on the 2 North.wmv
  4. polished ?? cleaned ?? painted ?? uh, you sure about all that effort ?? Cheers, Carl
  5. When it's time: new water pump, new alternator, new fan belt (all these teach proper fan belt tensioning), carb rebuild. New motor mounts, new air cleaner element, new radiator, coolant hose replacement(s) w/ coolant to correct level, new headlight(s), replace various bulbs (turn signal, side lamp, etc.), new wiper blades, adjust parking brake cables. Master cylinder rebuild, slave cylinder rebuild, bleed hydraulic system. Replace the safety wire on the three bolts which secure the front shock tube into position on the pitman arm. General all-around check of every single nut & bolt for tightness. Cheers, Carl
  6. when your most trusted mechanic reminds you that Daylight Savings Time is almost here .......
  7. Newbury Park ??? sheesh, that's like lightyears away !!! Cheers, Carl
  8. Amen to that concept !! Yesterday I walked out of the range to see a "small" 2002 parked between two giant "truck thangies" ....... All I saw was A Real Car ........ anything/everything else faded into oblivion/obscurity. Cheers, Carl
  9. About 3:30pm I walked out of the pistol range and there's a 2002 in the parking lot. I went back in and asked loudly, "who owns that 2002 in the parking lot ??" The owner, Ethan, was standing "right there" and we had a great conversation !! Cheers, Carl p.s. no pictures. I had neither phone nor camera with me.
  10. +1 to soldering. 40 years from now, and perhaps even sooner, IMHO and in deference to my Australian beer-drinking pal, a secure electrical flow path will be of greater importance than considerations of fatigue failure. Cheers, Carl
  11. (deleted content, the video to which I originally linked got deleted).
  12. when your trusted mechanic fixes that broken power window switch ......
  13. I saw this posted elsewhere on the 'net ...... when this happened I was sitting a mere 10 miles away ...... you don't see a double-action feature like this everyday: a 2002 chasing a plane in the fast lane ..... KTLA 5 News January 11, 2016 · A light plane landed on the 23 Freeway in the Moorpark area. The plane came down around 4:37 p.m. in traffic lanes near Tierra Rejada Road, according to the California Highway Patrol incident log. https://www.facebook.com/ktla5/videos/10153943562214614/ Cheers, Carl
  14. WOW !! What a fantastic opportunity !! Cheers, Carl
  15. Here's an idea for building a rolling dolly ...... Cheers, Carl
  16. +1 Jimmy. That Bike Of Damocles, in earthquake country ....... sure makes me nervous. And all those tall stacks of life's necessities ...... yep, definite stress. Cheers, Carl
  17. ..... this could be it ..... https://teechip.com/bwsdfs?fbclid=IwAR2Jln86o-SnNmwy2M94iFFvi-NQGfdBcNkuScw5zkSiwmJadYjceIfQ8zE Cheers, Carl
  18. Ah, Malaysia, great place !! A year after I bought my '74tii I got lucky and scored an all-expense-paid vacation to this place. A wonderful Christmas Day in 1975, enjoying ice-cold Coors beer on the beach !! Cheers, Carl
  19. a couple of guys will know what I'm talkin' about ......
  20. Doing a "master cylinder refurb" ...... piece of cake. With that said, I've done only one on my '74tii (and several on my '48 Chevy truck). I was exceptionally lucky on the '74tii for 2 huge reasons: 1) I was able to easily find a master cylinder rebuild kit. (I've heard rumors they are now no longer available.) 2) there was no pitting in the cylinder bore. Just some clean-up effort with 2,000-grit sandpaper cleaned out the crud. Cheers, Carl
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