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  1. I hear that stuff is exponential in effectivity. Use one can, no problem. Use 2 cans of the magic goo and the fixit will last 4 times as long !! Cheers, Carl
  2. https://silodrome.com/australian-bmw-2002 Cheers, Carl
  3. I had a choice between a $200 option for a radio + antenna ...... or make a $200 car payment ...... I opted for the car payment. It didn't take but 5 minutes to realize I actually didn't want a radio, because now I had that huge storage area for all the stuff that wouldn't fit into the glovebox. Cheers, Carl
  4. Sheesh, I obviously had my attention diverted elsewhere on 08 January when this thread got started. I'm In !!!!! "If it ain't runnin' points & condenser, you're doing it wrong." Cheers, Carl
  5. For my '74tii, I've been using the Champion N9Y since forever. And it is in the Owner's Manual. Cheers, Carl
  6. a) This was discovered yesterday ...... b) And then this was discovered this morning ....... Cheers, Carl
  7. Here's some reading on door brakes that might be helpful ...... Cheers, Carl
  8. https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/library/magazine/specials/20010225mag-lovewheels.html Cheers, Carl
  9. A couple of decades ago that line somehow got abraded and developed a pinhole leak. So I made my own using the original fittings, a length of steel brake line, and some JB Weld to secure the fittings into the line. No problems since. I didn't like the way the original plastic line was routed "way out in space" where it could be hit, so I bent the tubing to get it tucked-in close to the KF and out of the way. Here's a picture I just found in my archives ..... Cheers, Carl
  10. I feel deprived ...... my tii left the assembly line without one. Cheers, Carl
  11. Windows Down, Drive Safe, Enjoy !! https://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/things-to-do/best-scenic-drives-in-los-angeles Cheers, Carl
  12. My nephew just sent me this picture he took this past Wednesday morning March 4th, taken about 6:30am, on the northbound 170 Freeway, in the North Hollywood area (Exit 7 is the Burbank Blvd exit) ...... Cheers, Carl
  13. center bearing heat shield ...... hmmmm, I'm seeing it on the RealOEM picture above, but I sure don't ever remember seeing that thing on my '74tii ??!!?? Cheers, Carl
  14. here's a 2-fer: --- Chris of Santa Barbara, his roundie ..... --- my squaretail has the original-issue plates ....... here's my front license plate ..... look close, upper right, you'll see the Original registration sticker dated 1974 ....... Cheers, Carl
  15. Tehachapi ...... -- if you're a train buff, you already know The Loop is "right there." -- if you like great wine: Triassic Vineyards. Find the owner, Jim Arnold, tell him I sent you. -- if you like twist-y--turn-y drives: just west of Tehachapi via Hwy 58, is Caliente. Take the Caliente-Bodfish Road north toward Kernville ...... one of my favorite drives. -- I can keep you plenty busy ....... Cheers, Carl
  16. Please put me down for a tii cold start relay thingie !! I've got both a Curt Ingraham 3-row radiator and one of his cold start relays, so there's no reason not to have a Jsn in the box-o-parts. Cheers, Carl
  17. I'm very partial to 2002AD in Pomona, CA. Ben has many bins filled with various pieces and parts. http://2002ad.com/pages/about.cfm Cheers, Carl
  18. FANTASTIC !! I like them Atlantik tii's the best. Cheers, Carl
  19. Glen is over yonder, and my 74 tii is way over in the other yonder ..... Get it running, the driving is definitely worth it !!!!! Cheers, Carl
  20. wow, that one looks familiar ....... they never were shiny at all. dirt notwithstanding, they are more "matte" than ever having any shine-y. Cheers, Carl
  21. January 4th at the weekly South OC Cars & Coffee in San Clemente ..... Cheers, Carl
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