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  1. here's some reading on-topic ..... https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/168967-popping-exhaust/?tab=comments#comment-1054796 Cheers, Carl
  2. Wow, first time I've ever heard of points being a problem. Those easy fixes are the best fixes. As for "hunting" idle, my '74tii does that just because it can, perfectly normal for my car. I have tweaked the little screw inside the tuna can and it smooths out. 1,000 miles later, it goes uneven so I turn the little screw in the other direction and it smooths out. Every time I do a tune-up, the little screw needs an adjustment, maybe 1/8th turn is all it ever needs. But that is the only way to smooth the idle for my car. Cheers, Carl
  3. Yes, there is a washer on each side of the banjo bolt. I don't know if they are "crush" washers per se, but they are there. +1 Einspritz: copper washers will work fine. Cheers, Carl
  4. I'm thinking this one: https://www.europeancollectibles.com/vehicles/315/1973-bmw-2002-turbo "they" call it a '73, but it's a squaretail ..... Cheers, Carl
  5. +1 chargin. Mine was less than 3 weeks from Fairchild. Cheers, Carl
  6. hmmmm, I was thinking that that round building did not look exactly like Hotel Palisade ..... Cheers, Carl
  7. off-topic is the best !!!! and back on topic: if it ain't original, you're wasting your time ..... and rstclark would never lie !!!! Cheers, Carl
  8. rstclark wrote, "My first BMW was this same car A 1974 Tii " Same with me !! My first BMW was a 1974 Tii ...... and I'm still driving mine, it is likewise a forever car. And there's another 2002 original owner up yonder in your area: yeewiz on this forum. So just drive it, drive it, and drive it some more !! All the cosmetics will work themselves out. Cheers, Carl
  9. SO ...... BMW will be doing something like this for which lucky 2002 owner ??? https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a25471346/vw-beetle-factory-restoration Cheers, Carl p.s. I'm only at 255,000 or so .......
  10. Terveisiä !! here's a huge listing of ZDDP ppm's ...... sadly, Gulf Racing is not among those listed ....... http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?136304-What-oil-brands-offer-the-best-protection-***Good-read*** Cheers, Carl
  11. "One should always ensure one's front wheels are maintained clean and bright and shiny." Cheers, Carl
  12. I unbolt the alternator from it's bracket and hang onto it. Then using a Big Crowbar I lever & shove the engine toward the passenger side. This opens up enough space for the alternator to drop down and out. Some reading on topic ...... Cheers, Carl
  13. KenH and his 2002 began the trip on Friday from Simi to Brisbane ...... and on Saturday afternoon began the return trip back to Simi. This Sunday afternoon we got together for Car & Coffee and he told me the tales of the journey !! Cheers, Carl
  14. FANTASTIC !! Cheers, Carl
  15. The BMW 2002 Touring Brothers http://www.speedhunters.com/2019/04/the-bmw-touring-brothers/ Cheers, Carl
  16. this should be the location: Cheers, Carl
  17. Here's some reading on the topic of hose clamps ..... Cheers, Carl
  18. At 11:30am this morning I was cruising west out of Pasadena on the 134 Fwy and suddenly a dark-brownish 2002 went zooming past me !! No chance to get a picture. Cheers, Carl
  19. hmmmm, that location almost looks familiar ..... and I'm liking that Koozie !! Cheers, Carl
  20. Otis, here's a grommet suggestion which fits that battery cable bracket ...... Cheers, Carl
  21. Mint, bicycle innertubes and zip ties as OEM ?? I sure hope not ..... LOL !! Cheers, Carl
  22. I learned a tip years ago: I put a light coat of wheel bearing grease on the valve cover gasket in that area around the "4" spark plug. No more oil weeps, and it doesn't require a serious tightening of that particular cap nut. Cheers, Carl
  23. Conserv, My '74tii never had that wire hose clip on the KF. The fuel hose always did the 180-degree loop from the top (output) of the fuel filter, up & over the air cleaner snorkel, then down onto the KF banjo fitting. Cheers, Carl
  24. Conserv, filter #5: I recall that there is a screen filter in the backpressure fitting thingie on the back of the KF, where the gas exits the KF and heads back to the gas tank. Part #8: Cheers, Carl

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