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  1. Looking for a good, straight front control arm. Bushing condition and esthetics are not important as long as it is not rusted. Near Dayton, Oh Thanks
  2. I am looking for a good, straight front control arm. Bushing condition is not important.
  3. Sorry, obviously in my second sentence it is supposed to read “no to the question on tracking”. I am not a big fan of this iPad changing my words as it thinks it should, and I should proofread my writing before hitting the Submit button.
  4. TobyB, this is really helpful to me. When i was first noticing the low pedal problem I had not even tried to bed in the Hawk blue pads, so notorious the question on tracking. I did adjust the rod going from the brake pedal up to the the booster which helped, but also raised my brake pedal some. I did then do high speed stops as Hawk recommends and as I have done in the past to bed the new pads and shoes. Braking seems very good, but by my limited ( 4 years ) racing experience, I agree the stopping does not seem amazingly better. I never previously experience brake fade, but this year we will do some one hour races and I thought the extra cooling was important. My next race is in Michigan on the 16th, but there is a local autocross tomorrow, so I may get the new brakes some use and heat cycles just to see if that does help with the low pedal problem. If so, I will readjust the brake linkage to better align the brake and clutch pedal. The 2002 faq is such an amazing resource and it is the people that make it work, sharing their considerable knowledge and time to help us all keep these great little cars on the road. Thanks Alex
  5. Einspritz, thanks for the reply. I will certainly ask Porterfield to arc the shoes next time. No one advised me that was possible. Seems all the local places I call all say no one has the machines anymore. Will call around again tomorrow expanding my search. The shoes are R4 compound and I did not go to larger rear wheel cylinders they are 17mm, which I have been successfully using for 3 years. The Volvo calipers are two piston, but I do not offhand know the capacities. There were absolutely no instructions with the kit and no mention was made on the need of a proportioning valve on their website. I am short on race car wrenching and engineering experience, but trying to learn.
  6. Jeff, thanks for your input. I have a spare pair of semi metallics that I think I got from IE. Maybe I should try those. I have not tried any pedal or linkage adjustment.
  7. I have a 1976 2002 that I vintage race about 3-4 times a year and do some autocross locally. I decided to do some brake up grade and bought and installed the IE Volvo calipers and BMW320 vented rotors. I also bought new rear drums and shoes. Using Hawk Blue pads in front and Porterfield rear shoes. I have successfully rebuilt the entire brake system when I bought the car 5 years ago and replace the pads and shoes several times. When I was all done with installing the IE kit and the rear drums and shoes, I adjusted the rear brake adjusters and then I bled the brakes as I usually do with a one person pressure bleeder. It was then I discovered excessive pedal travel. I readjusted the rear and made sure the front pads moved into position against the rotors. No change, so I rebled the system using lots of fluid to make sure there were no bubbles trapped. No help. My concern was the shoes not fitting the drums, so I readjusted the rear brake and drove around my neighborhood slowly, using the hand brake to try to bed in the rear shoes to fit the drums. I have done this three times and the wear on the shoes looks better but still a low brake peddle. I have also done the old school 2 person bleeding twice. The low pedal feels firm and does not sink with pressure nor does it pump up. I could not find anyone who arcs brake shoes and I did not try sanding the shoes. When I start the car with my foot on the brake, I can feel the pedal drop a little. I thought that indicated the booster working, but I am not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated. I talked to Mike Self and he suggested that I put it out to your collective expertise.
  8. I am looking for a right rear fender side marker light, and right front euro turn signal. Thanks
  9. Looking for a right rear side marker light with lens, good condition. Thanks Alex
  10. Looking for right rear side marker light with lens.
  11. m3driver49


  12. Fredric, I bought a drivers side euro from you about a month ago, no problems with that, but now I need a passenger side turn signal. If you would break the set. It looks like Daver might be interested in the drivers side and I will offer $67.50 for the right side turn signal.
  13. I have hoped someone with more patience and plastic skill than I would tackle this problem. It appears you are really on track. If you get to the point of some level of production, I would be a customer.
  14. I would like to buy one of the #2,3,or4 best plastic still available please. I can PayPal or whatever works for you. I am located in Dayton, Ohio. For shipping. Alex
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