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  1. Excellent idea. I will say that it is possible to both pay too much and also flog the crap out of it. Once it’s been restored we’ll once, it’s a lot cheaper to clean it up later (I hope)
  2. Excellent. A few questions sent back. I dig your 76, BTW
  3. Please shoot me a note ([email protected]). I am having a hard time w DMs on my phone. J
  4. I am planning to rebuild so condition (to a point) not important.
  5. That is always a great weekend with a fantastic bunch of folks. Sadly for me, the same weekend in October (and April) always has a big deal going on for three of my interests, and I had to miss out this year. Thanks again (even in my absence) to Terry and Debbie for keeping these drives going.
  6. I ended up realizing I was selling the house soon after we got the garage to a point, and settled on a low rise long reach floor jack. Sorry I can't help
  7. I put a tail of tape on the allen wrench I use. +1 on too easy not to do yourself.
  8. Fantastic car. It should be a blast for you. Congratulations!
  9. Two questions on the LSD: - Is it still available? - Can you confirm which car this came out of (year/model)? Thanks
  10. +1 on the headroom benefits of slicktops. When we did Sputter’s resto, we lowered the seats an inch for the same reason.
  11. Agreed. I was just using that as a landmark directionally. Going 11 => 12.5 will cause the charge to burn faster, ergo less advance.
  12. From the "chasing multiple variable" files, if you lean out the mix at WOT (toward equilibrium of 14.7) the fuel charge will burn faster and you will need less advance. I have not input as to the right amount of advance for your motor, but you might want to back it off a little to start as you make fuel changes.
  13. I researched taking Sputter to Europe (and back) awhile back, and have a few nuggets from my recollection: They are serious about how empty they want the gas tank I was looking at containerizing the car. It was not materially more expensive than the RORO, and gave me some piece of mind re door dings/etc. YMMV IIRC, I was looking at Southhampton as the UK port, which is convenient to London More importantly, if you find yourself wheeling through Texas, give us all a heads up, and we will gather up a few folks to feed you some BBQ
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