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  1. Hi I was wondering if you point me in the direction to obtain some Italian edition front indicator lights. Thanks in advance for any help.


    1. 02princessLisa


      I'm sorry,  I don't know of anyone selling them at this time. You might try ebay perhaps? You can always check back at the "parts for sale" in the Classified section on the FAQ too.

    2. slimsbimm
    3. ElmrPhD


      I have a single front indicator lamp that is all clear (no amber).  It's in very good condition and has the hole for the optional internal "city" lamp, as used in the states.  In case anyone is interested.  Will check which side it belongs to if anybody is interested.


  2. do you think this kit could be adapted to work with an m20 powered 02?
  3. looking for a pair of rear race shocks for a 2002 part # 24-604277
  4. Hi I am clem Would be intersted putting a deposit for group buy on wheels as my alpinas sit out to far.send info thanks. Clem again would want them in gun metal gray and that would be for five.
  5. Hi Tim wondering if you received money. Let me know Clem.
  6. Hi Tim will get to send you payment no later than sat 12.11.2010. swamped with work right now. thanks !
  7. i am not sure what you mean by the led bumper guide could you elaborate for me maybe a picture.
  8. ok i am interested get quote for me thanks
  9. by any chance is this a black gel coat fiberglass? also cost of shipping to bronx new york 10469
  10. does any body know if the rear fiberglass early 02 copy is still available?
  11. Ok will do i will try to get there by sat. thanks in advance. ps. how would you like the funds sent when i find out cost?
  12. hi need to know if you would ship to ny would love to have them if still available my # 914 584 5393 i will check back on site mon 22nd.

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