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  1. Paul had those Scheel-style seats made when he sold the car. Those are what I’m talking about. Was not a big fan of the others.
  2. I really feel the seats that Paul had made for that car suit it well. I wish you luck in your search.
  3. I wouldn’t have thought to do that with the radiator installed. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more photos of this project. Kinda amazing the speed with which it has come together especially for not having so many parts.
  4. Kinda funny since when mine was brought in, they put a bumper on it (since removed). I have a similar feeling that it looks kinda cool without the airdam even though the flares look unfinished without it. This car is certainly coming together and I'm looking forward to more photos!
  5. I am interested should you do another run!
  6. Wow that looks great. Almost motivating.
  7. I assume your battery isn’t going to be in the stock position. If not it might just work. Good thing there’s still lots of room in the nose for a condenser.
  8. Did these cars have the late trunk lid with the spot for the roundel or the early one without?
  9. Manhattan Beach is the $$$ Vasek Polak frame.
  10. Mine has a black finish in the wheel wells, but the underside of the car is body color. My rockers are still black.
  11. Looks like you have the two Xs on the flat above the starter, so that would indicate a factory rebuild/new block.
  12. 256x22 is what the parts catalog says.
  13. Anyone in the US looking for the standard vinyl should check with Global Upholstery in Santa Ana, CA. They stock the German vinyls and they have the correct grain for a fraction of the cost of the dealer and less than World Upholstery or GAHH. I purchased several meters of Marineblau for my E12 M535i and it was a perfect match to the original door cards and seats. I have had samples of the black and it’s the same as the Turbo on the non-perforated surfaces.

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