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  1. I assume your battery isn’t going to be in the stock position. If not it might just work. Good thing there’s still lots of room in the nose for a condenser.
  2. Did these cars have the late trunk lid with the spot for the roundel or the early one without?
  3. Manhattan Beach is the $$$ Vasek Polak frame.
  4. Mine has a black finish in the wheel wells, but the underside of the car is body color. My rockers are still black.
  5. wkohler


  6. I know very well how to search. No need to be condescending. I don't post questions until I've thoroughly searched. I've been around long enough. I searched "golf touch up paint" and selected "forums" and received 10 results. I also searched "golf paint match" among other terms. One thread was quite interesting about what the name meant, another thread was talking about an imperfect paint match, another one where you suggested the car would look like it had yellow measles and the others mostly had "here, try these guys. Maybe they can help." I only posted in hopes that someone with a Golf car might have had success with someone and could say, "These people nailed it" or "these people came very close." I don't have a ton to touch up and I'm not going for a perfect car but I just want to get the best match I can get. The problem with this color is that in some lights it looks green and in others yellow. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. I tried getting some through my dealer but apparently Golf is NLA. I have quite a few niggling chips on a car with mostly original Golf paint that has held up quite well. From what I can tell, it seems to be a tough color to get right as sometimes it's yellow and sometimes it's more green, so does anyone have a good source for a reasonably accurate mix? I know paint chemistry has changed a lot over the years but everyone seems to claim they're the best. Thanks!
  8. Fixed. Whoops. Didn't realize where I hosted the photos.
  9. Hi. I've got a pair of Recaro Rallye seats for sale. These are a great, period-correct seat for the 2002. I've had these for a while, but an opportunity arose and since I don't fit in them, here they are. $1200 obo christopher dot [email protected]
  10. Hi. Thank you for looking. I still have these wheels for sale. Make me an offer. I think these are great-looking wheels and the fact they have all 4 caps and the key given how rare they are, makes them just that much cooler. I just have nothing they'll fit! I can get the bends removed, too. E-mail me. Let's talk!
  11. 3/4 shot showing the lip: If you have any other questions, let me know! I can also arrange to have the two bends removed for the buyer. I have a great wheel guy close by. Should cost $100 to remove the two.
  12. Bump. I'm surprised by the lack of interest.

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