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  1. Mine has a black finish in the wheel wells, but the underside of the car is body color. My rockers are still black.
  2. Looks like you have the two Xs on the flat above the starter, so that would indicate a factory rebuild/new block.
  3. wkohler

    vented disc specs

    256x22 is what the parts catalog says.
  4. wkohler

    Turbo seats

    Anyone in the US looking for the standard vinyl should check with Global Upholstery in Santa Ana, CA. They stock the German vinyls and they have the correct grain for a fraction of the cost of the dealer and less than World Upholstery or GAHH. I purchased several meters of Marineblau for my E12 M535i and it was a perfect match to the original door cards and seats. I have had samples of the black and it’s the same as the Turbo on the non-perforated surfaces.
  5. wkohler

    Moderator- Is there one?

    Is this the guy in Alabama?
  6. wkohler

    Chinese Turbo

  7. wkohler

    Gearbox Numbers

    I’m sure it is more rare than the 5-speed given the 5-speed was available in cars other than the turbo. I’ve read there are a couple different versions of the CR box available in the Turbo (according to the m registry) but I’d have to see both versions to know for sure.
  8. wkohler

    Gearbox Numbers

    I guess those numbers would make sense combined with the cars they are in because not every car was a 4-speed. Interesting.
  9. wkohler

    Turbo steel wheel correct colors?

    Mine came with a set of the CN36s. Obviously they're no good anymore. 235/60/13!
  10. I guess I need to make a decision about whether or not I can afford to get this car running.
  11. wkohler

    Turbo steel wheel correct colors?

    Those came out really nicely.
  12. wkohler

    Turbo seats

    The perforations are different. Smaller and more prolific.
  13. wkohler

    Turbo seats

    E21 Recaros came with cloth bolsters and centers and in an all vinyl configuration. Centers on the all-vinyl sears were perforated. My parents had a 1980 320is that came with the perforated vinyl.
  14. wkohler

    WTB 2 Gauge Pod for 74 2002 Turbo

    Neat. A local Turbo.