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  1. You did ask for suggestions and he suggested a thread.
  2. M40 is the same architecture as M42, just has a single cam. Also to answer a question previously mentioned in the thread, VIN tags were added to body panels, bumper reinforcements, cylinder heads and transmissions for the 1987 model year in the US and that lasted through the end of E36 production (actually the Z3, since that was the last E36).
  3. Does the distributor rotor rotate while the engine is cranking? Sounds crazy...
  4. I don't think I know of a single Hartge car in the US that hadn't had some sort of catastrophic engine failure with the original motors. Most all the M30 stuff ran L-Jet and we had different fuel qualities, etc, but I always found that interesting. If you have everything you need to get that running and it's not a daily driver, I'd go that route, especially given the BAR sticker. The 2.5s are great motors and certainly easier to live with given the Motronic but if you've got the paperwork that supports the Hartge modifications (given they were more a seller of parts/upgrades than a manufacturer of cars especially in this era), keep it together. Like you say, once it's refereed for the 2.5, there's no going back to the original as long as it's registered in CA. Conversely, I haven't seen much negative value impact on the Hartge cars for having either further upgrades or not having the original motor compared to Alpina cars (not counting the C1 2.3, since there are probably more of those than regular 323s).
  5. All M8 intake or exhaust manifold nuts on M10s and M30s I've ever come across (with original fasteners) There's no room to get a socket on a 13 in that configuration. I recently got the pleasure of removing a motronic intake manifold from an M90 and it had standard M8 nuts. Stubby open-end wrench saved the day. If you order M8 J.I.S. fasteners, you'll get the 12mm head. Once you got into the M50 cars throughout the car you find a lot of 12, 16, 18 where you'd have previously seen 13, 17, 19. It's particularly confusing on E34s since the early cars have the 13, 17, 19 fasteners, but for the same parts on later cars, you'll find 12, 16, 18. Both of mine have 13mm heads on the bolt.
  6. Still open to options. Also, should someone have just a front cover, I could combine that with what has been offered. Thanks.
  7. Hi. I have been trying to leave positive feedback for a purchase. I have no issue putting the user in, and I can even search for the thread I purchased from. When I click on the suggested thread, it doesn't appear in the field. Click save and it tells me that the topic field is required. I have tried this on three different browsers, including my phone.
  8. I was going to post about this last week after asking about my tii but I thought everyone knew and I'd look like an idiot.
  9. I'd be amazed if you'd actually need the spacers with the modest drop of the H&Rs. If you discover you have bump steer issues without them, then revisit the issue.
  10. If it’s a steel blank, many places shy away from those. I used to have a guy that would do it for double cost on an older machine. Was worth it for me. Sadly he sold out to one of the bigger companies, the one who said I was crazy and irresponsible bringing a steel blank into their shop.
  11. Can’t spell Benjamin, can’t spell Washougal. I’ll take “scam” for $300.
  12. Still says you can't receive messages. Would like to purchase if still available.
  13. Similar but that’s for a ‘74. Thanks though.
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