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  1. Wow! Looks awesome to me. Nice job and congrats on bringing it back. Looking back at the beginning of the thread, almost hard to believe it’s the same car!
  2. Thats great news! Happy that you’ll have it back!
  3. That’s very awesome. Thanks for sharing. Could display it on the computer and translate sections using the Google Translate app on the phone. Uses the camera and can do real-time translation of text. Haven’t seen an English version so it’s neat to have this info!
  4. This was the car that recently sold on BaT, no? https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1974-bmw-2002-turbo-4/
  5. On a Garrett, the plate with the info should be in the middle of the bearing housing somewhere. (where the oil inlet and outlet are). I'm interested in what you have here.
  6. I would expect double that looking at the photos. So many parts are missing and half that car is filler and the undercarriage...wow.
  7. What position is your lever in? Do you have any photos?
  8. I just went through all the photos in that ad. I don't think I was prepared for that. Wow.
  9. I'm not sure I believe any of these parts are what they are said to be. A couple years ago, the same seller had wheels listed for sale with black centers and clearly fake part number stickers on the boxes claiming they were NOS Turbo wheels. I've also never seen the orange sticker on a wheel like that, not to mention, I've dealt with tons of parts recently with orange part number stickers and not one of them had white showing on an edge. Also the $1400 steering wheels he had listed as NOS Turbo wheels were E21 sport wheels and even at least one of those had a horn button from an E24/28/30 3-spoke Sport wheel. I'm a naturally skeptical guy and I'll admit I don't have the years of experience around these cars so many do here, so I am completely fine being wrong. I went the E21 steelies route as Preyupy mentioned. After looking long and hard at the set from Florida on eBay and realizing that one of those was an E21 wheel and it even had a bend in it, it really didn't make much difference for my car to have date-code matching wheels with the premium that came along with it. Plus I got lucky finding a used set that was already suitably painted.
  10. What I find interesting about leaving the snorkel is that it had to be clearanced to install the radiator. It was surprising. I figure if there are two decent sized things there I can see, what else can’t I see? What is the welting covering the leading edge of the cowl hiding? Is the notch missing? Most everything at the auction (at least BMW wise since that’s my wheelhouse) seemed to fall below or to the low end of their estimates. Timing of the auction could also have been an issue with recent events resulting in a tightening of the purse strings on luxury items. This auction 2 years ago is where the $192k Turbo sold and it obviously had its share of issues as well.
  11. A Turbo (4290164) sold on Friday at the Gooding & Company auction. Estimate was $150-175k, realized $112k after premium. Has a snorkel nose and a late tail panel. https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1974-bmw-2002-turbo-5/
  12. I know of two others in the Phoenix area. One relocated from Oregon and it's on the ///M Registry (60 cars listed there) and the other is a former Oldenzaal car that I saw at the Gooding auction in Scottsdale. Both are pre 4291213 cars from the looks of it. On the exhaust front, SuperSprint makes an exhaust (downpipe, center section and the rear muffler) with the option for either center or side exit. https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/supersprint-performance-sport-exhaust-bmw-series-02-2002-turbo.aspx
  13. Paul had those Scheel-style seats made when he sold the car. Those are what I’m talking about. Was not a big fan of the others.
  14. I really feel the seats that Paul had made for that car suit it well. I wish you luck in your search.
  15. I wouldn’t have thought to do that with the radiator installed. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more photos of this project. Kinda amazing the speed with which it has come together especially for not having so many parts.
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