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  1. Sweet. I previously expressed interest but must have missed a run despite watching the thread, so count me in too.
  2. Do you use a wideband o2 sensor or do you just monitor this during the tuning/dyno process? Obviously I am so far away from worrying about this myself but its more curiosity currently.
  3. Unfortunately your photos are in some weird format that I can’t see - even on my iPhone. I have run into this a few times recently. I found this site works to convert them to jpgs. https://heictojpg.com
  4. What do you think the chances are that compressor housing will fit next to the frame rail mounted on the manifold? Seems considerably larger.
  5. I assumed that was a file photo and I think when this previously came up in my investigation I was thinking vaporware due to that but nice to know it’s real and from you photos looks pretty nice. I certainly look forward to your report.
  6. Gammet. By Funeywell. Thanks. I guess I’ll send a request for pricing.
  7. Any details on how to acquire one of these? At this point, the turbo itself is the biggest obstacle in my efforts so if I could use one of these even as a stop gap for the time being, it would take lots of pressure off.
  8. I saw that and started wondering if he knows what he’s getting into. Sure, it’s not like a project that’s been sitting for decades but it will need some maintenance. And some headlights.
  9. Ahh. I feel dumb. I thought I had seen a VDO but there’s no such animal. At least I’m learning!
  10. Thanks for sharing that! The page you linked to with the Kugelfischer is incredibly useful to see exploded views of what make up the parts.
  11. Is the tii clock the same aside from the markings on the face?
  12. I think that might be a bit easier if the nut wasn't installed.
  13. Let's say you have one that's been sitting for an extended period, is it safe to assume that you need to add oil to it before trying to run the pump as you would if it were a fresh install? I assume any excess oil would just drain back into the sump, but they seem to be pretty specific with the oil quantities from what I've seen, so how would you know how much was already in there, etc? Sorry if those questions seem dumb.
  14. Wow what an interesting history on that car. Would of course like to see more detailed photos of it than you usually get in one of these articles. Thanks for sharing.
  15. SuperSprint also makes a system for the Turbo. It only has a rear muffler, though and no resonator. https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/supersprint-performance-sport-exhaust-bmw-series-02-2002-turbo.aspx Would be interested in approximate cost of a system from Quicksilver, as they do look nice.
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