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  1. Thanks @man_mark_7! Followed your steps and I couldn't believe how easy it was. Made an immediate change in my cold starts and idle. One note to add is to make sure to reinstall the ground cable.
  2. Nicely done and perfect timing as I need to install the AL41X on my car. Do you have a picture of how you wired it all up in the back of the unit?
  3. Interested, please PM me for price+shipping to 92692. thanks
  4. Changed the oil and filter to VR1 and took tuned the carb so I’m no running lean and warmed up the car then sped away. Up the hill I was at WOT then let go to build pressure and...nice cloud of blue smoke out the tail pipe so I drove around a bit and found a nice downhill. WOT then let go to build vacuum and smoke once again. Sigh. I was hoping the new oil would help but it looks like it’s the same unless the motor is still burning the old oil or I might have to do a flush. I’m going to do more research and talk to someone about a leak down test. This week. Oh well no going to let this ruin my good cheer.
  5. Woah. Not surprised with all the great responses. I’m using 20w 50 (Castrol GTX) at the moment and I know the 02 burns oil, just don’t know how much as I don’t drive the car as much as I want to because of the smoking, I live in SoCal so smoky cars get the stares from the Tesla and Prius crowd. I’ll look into the leak down as well to get another data point to add. The the mechanic said that if I pull the motor and take it to him he will refresh it for less that $1K which sounds fair right?
  6. Thanks and its pretty bad, not smoke screen spy hunter bad but its very noticeable both inside the cabin and outside of it. Thanks for chiming it.
  7. Firstly Happy Holidays everyone and this crazy weird new world. I have 72 Roundie non-TII that I've been tinkering with on and off. Last year to help address a smoking on decel issue that the car has had since I've owned it (10+ years) I finally had the guts to pull the head with the help of some rather detailed posts on this forum. I took the the head to a local BMW guy here with 40+ years of experience according to him. He rebuilt the head with all new guides, a 292 cam, etc. Everything looked shiny and new, atleast to me. I got it back on the car and buttoned everything up and I was still smoking on decel. Of course the first thing I did was researched the forum to find out what I've missed and all things point to the head and leaky valve guides. I called the mechanic that did the head and he said of course it was smoking because I needed to change my piston rings. He then explained that under decel there is alot of crankcase pressure and the oil is then bypassing the scraper ring and thus causing me to burn oil. Does this make sense? I'm asking because this is the first time I've heard of why these 2002's smoke on decel and also I'm starting to get that once bitten twice shy feeling about the mechanic. Just a few questions for those of you with way more experience: * Is there any other way to verify this aside from pulling the bottom end and replacing the rings? * I recently had another shop do a dry / wet compression test and all 4 cylinders were putting out 150 +/- PSI without change. Does a bad oil scraper ring effect compression? * Another observation is that if the car sits for too long lets say 8+ hours, when I go and start the car I get lots of blue smoke off the tail pipe until the car warms up and drive off. Doesn't this mean that since the head is full of oil when I turn the car off that the excess oil is then leaking through the valve seals? Hope someone can chime in. I'm really not trying to call the mechanic's skills to question but I really just want to understand so that I can take the right next steps. Thanks all!
  8. Bill, I'm interested. Currently doing research to see if the carpet kits are model specific, i have a 72. Just a few questions: * What is the material color? It looks like its the "Palomino" but need to make sure. * What is the shipping to 92692? Thanks!
  9. I ordered this on eBay but the seller sent me a set for a 74-76 model so it will not fit my roundie. They are brand new and have never been installed. Since sending them back isn’t practical, I’m looking to just get back what I paid for them. Local pick up preferred but can ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  10. Thanks guys. I’ve checked everywhere but will check again. Tomorrow. Sigh would hate to have to spent over $20 for such a small thing.
  11. I lost the red plug for the steering box and I need a new one. I was trying to take it off and my butter fingers popped it out and now i cannot find it! I found the part number on Real OEM which is #32111102781 however the usual online stores do not carry it. Any ideas on where i can buy a new one? Thanks!
  12. Correct Preyupy. I appreciate the reminder. I figured that since the piston heads were not completely at the apex of their stroke. Right now I'm fighting the very serious case of "Project Creep". While I have half the engine off might as well... Trying to keep the impulses on check, easier on the bank account especially right before Tax Day.
  13. Great tip! Finally found that too now that I know what I’m looking for and you’re right, looking at it from the drivers side it would be easier to see rather than the BB.
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