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  1. kine8282

    No BB in flywheel

    Correct Preyupy. I appreciate the reminder. I figured that since the piston heads were not completely at the apex of their stroke. Right now I'm fighting the very serious case of "Project Creep". While I have half the engine off might as well... Trying to keep the impulses on check, easier on the bank account especially right before Tax Day.
  2. kine8282

    No BB in flywheel

    Great tip! Finally found that too now that I know what I’m looking for and you’re right, looking at it from the drivers side it would be easier to see rather than the BB.
  3. kine8282

    No BB in flywheel

    Many thanks ‘76mint. We’ve got ball! I finally found the bloody BB after a determined search and uncovering it under some crud. It looks like the picture I posted is likely the 180 degree mark from the OT. I quickly reoriented the cam gear/sprocket accordingly since the head is off. I marked the ball with white out to make timing much easier. Off to the next deferred maintenance issue
  4. I have 72 thst has been running well but had to pull the head to address the leaking valve guides. I found TDC using the marks on the cam as well as the position of the cam lobes (both facing down) and confirmed that the valves were both closed. I’ve pulled the head and it’s at the shop getting rebuilt. Anywhoo, since I’ve got part of the motor off I’ve decided to clean everything as well as finally figure out why I can’t find the damn BB on the flywheel. At TDC the view port shows a hash mark rather than the BB. I thought it might be the hash mark right before the OT mark but no there is no OT either before or after the mark. I had to spin the motor to clean the piston heads and have confirmed that there are no additional marks on the flywheel that I’ve been able to see. Any reason why I can’t just get some white out and mark this hash mark and call it a day? Here is a pic of hash mark seen through the view port.
  5. kine8282

    Need help identifying these seats

    Thanks for chiming in themoose, I thought they might be FloFits but the headrests on these don’t look like the pics Ive seen online. Maybe seats from an E24 or E30? Maybe Audi or Benz?
  6. hey everyone, I scored on a set of seats that I need help ID'ing. The PO thinks that they originally came off of an older Porsche since the rails are Porsche rails however after doing research I don't think these are factory Porsche. The PO was going to install them on his E21 but then he got into a car accident and needed the cash to fix it. I dont think these are BMW seats either but maybe they are. The passenger seat is clearly a Recaro seat and its all manual however the drivers seat has electronic tilt control, lumbar and they are heated. The reason I want to ID the drivers side seat is to see if I can buy the switches that attach to the connectors instead of making my own. Can someone chime in and let me know if they recognize the seats? Also, I'm hoping they will with some E21 rails so if anyone knows that would be awesome too. PS: Sorry if the pics are sideways!
  7. kine8282

    New 74 Tii owner in the South Bay

    Yep I’ll be there. See you on Sunday
  8. kine8282

    New 74 Tii owner in the South Bay

    Good to hear that your car is getting some TLC. Let’s figure out a time to link up and get some mileage in on the “new to you” car.
  9. Just an update on my '02, I've gotten her back and driving her around the 'hood for the last 3 days and at this point I'm cautiously optimistic that the most recent gremlin attack has been sorted out. After trying to fix the issue on this thread myself I gave up and took it to Tim @ EuroTech in Mission Viejo, CA (only 2 miles from the house). In a nut shell '76mintgrun'02 's prediction that it was an electrical issue was a major part of the problem but it was not just one thing it was a combination of issues - ignition coil needed to be replaced, Tim replaced the points, installed the 38/38, valve job and timing. I took her home and the next day she was stumbling so took it back to Tim and he found that one of the connections upstream in the wiring harness was corroded and was cutting out the ignition when the car warmed up. All in all it was money well spent. It would have taken time I didn't have to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem but I've learned a very important lesson...LISTEN TO THE FOLKS IN THIS FORUM THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. I think she's running a little rich but I'm gonna drive her around a bit before I start fiddling around. Muchos arigato to all of you find people. Hope to see some of you at the SoCal Vintage in a few weeks.
  10. 76mint Thanks I will look for it. I had the impression that i didn't need to do it but I'll look for the post and see. I'll have to check it out but I'm pretty sure my intake manifold is not the peanut shape ones but kind of a rectangle shape. But I will search the FAQ Thanks Ed. I got it from Pierce Manifolds and so far I'm impressed with how affordable it was and how fast I got it, 3 days but maybe it's because I'm in CA too. I'm waiting for my new condenser based on Ray's tip. I'm staring to think that the ignition might be adding to my issue, I still believe that it's a carb issue combined with an impatient shade tree mechanic. I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that at one moment it was runnin like a top and then poof! it's crap and car won't idle. I don't know what kind of dizzy I have but it looks like I only have a single set of points, is that typical? How can I tell what model it is?
  11. Guess what came in today? Wish me luck!
  12. Guess what came in today? Wish me luck!
  13. Just out of curiosity, is there anyone in my area that is a carb and jedi master that can maybe come by my place to show me what I'm doing wrong? I can buy you lunch and a drink! I live in Mission Viejo, CA.
  14. Simeon, thanks for the feedback and tip. I think at this point I'm starting to think I should bring in my mechanic in to dial in the new carb once I get it as well as the ignition (new coil, points/ maybe upgrade to Pentronix, condenser, resistor, cap & rotor, plug wires and plugs and valve adjustment). I've checked all of the items that all you kind people have advised that I check out without much success. Admittedly half of the details of the process of checking the timing is foreign to me and even with the help of YouTube I'm still very reluctant to trust myself with the fine tuning. I purchased the car 6 years ago and aside from gas and oil changes I really haven't spent any money to spruce up the car, this might be the time to do so. I did the front end suspension on the car in my garage about a month ago and was successful and I thought I might have wiggled something loose during the process but everything checked out. I even put about 500 new miles on the car since. I'm pretty sure its user error on my part in rebuilding the carb, I must have missed something. Its likely that I missed a failed o-ring or gasket. Who knows I might change my mind and try to tackle it again when the new carb comes in and I get inspired. I really appreciate all the help in trying to figure out what the problem is, I've learned so much more about my car as well as grown more respectful of folks who can fix these little guys and keep them on the road. Once I get my car back on the road i'll do a few donuts for all ya'll!