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  1. Price:: 400 Location: : Los Angeles, CA Set of 4 Very good Vintage Pacer wheels 4x100. These wheels were later drilled to fit a 4x120 bolt pattern also. Size: 13 x 5.5 38 offset Also, if you know anyone with the following cars, please pass this on. Will fit: 1st Gen Civics (1973-1979) 1st Gen Accords (1976-1981) Mazda RX-5 or Mazda 121 (1975-1981) The wheels are in near perfect condition and will just need a good cleaning to get off the scaling left behind from hard water. There is no curb rash or bends in the rim. Tires are sold with the wheels and are in good condition with plenty of life left. The price is the same with tires or without as I am not charging for the tires.
  2. These are still available. I've had some interest and two no-shows I am willing to ship at buyers expense. (with or without wheels)
  3. Yes, you are correct. I should have mentioned that in the original post. These will only work on a car with flares.
  4. Price:: 1075 Location: : Los Angeles, CA SUPER RARE PACKAGE DEAL FOR YOUR 02!! Comes with adapters and mounting kit! **NEVER MOUNTED** IMPUL MESH WHEELS + Custom adapter plates 4x114.3 to 4x100 (includes all mounting nuts and lugs) + Vorshlag 75mm Stud Kit +Vorshlag Stud Installation Kit Total Package = $1,344 Package DEAL = $1,075 (20% off) OR purchase these items separately: IMPUL MESH WHEELS 4x114.3 15x6.5 +19 Super Rare wheels from the early 90s. Wheels come with tired but usable Pirelli P6 tires, 205/60/R15 Will need new tires soon Barrels and lips are near perfect with no rash, bends, or damage. Mesh inserts are all original with all center caps and mounting screws. They show signs of cosmetic age typical of 15 year old wheels. Some of the chrome is chipping and the white paint may have a chip here and there. Please be aware that these are not show quality wheels. They will need to be fully restored to be of show quality. Regardless, put these on your vintage Japanese ride and you will definitely catch attention. Paid: $1,000 Asking: $900 (10% off) Brand New Vorshlag 75mm Stud Kit (ordered direct fromVorshlag) *NEVER INSTALLED* 16 x Vorshlag 75mm Long Competition BMW Wheel Stud, M12-1.5 (51-75Q1-01) = $88.00 1 x Vorshlag Wheel Stud Installation Kit (VM-WS-KIT) = $5.95 ------------------------------------------------------ Full Retail: $93.95 Asking: $84.00 (10% off) Custom Aluminum Wheel adapters **NEVER INSTALLED** 4x114.3 to 4x100 17mm thick (standard adapters are 22mm) 57.1mm hub bore. Hubcentric to stock e30 Full set of counter sunk nuts that have been machined down 2mm to sit flush with the adapter and allow for any wheel to be installed **These are FULLY custom to fit any e30 with any 4x114.3 with the minimum amount of offset possible and still retaining full safety. These are machined here in Southern California from a solid block of aluminum. Please note that these are NOT the eBay special you see online. And these are NOT from overseas.** ------------------------------------------------------ Paid: $250 Asking: $225 (10% off)
  5. I am looking for a perfectly good dash for my '72. Email me pictures at: [email protected] Or call or text me at: 646.202.0205 Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  6. That's great!! If you ever get a picture of these wheels on the 2002, please post a picture up here. I would love to see how they look.
  7. Thanks for keeping this thread alive! Are there any new mechanics, not mentioned so far, that should get a shout out? Personally, I can't say that I have had the best of luck getting my '72 tii serviced and repaired since I originally posted this thread back in 2010. The worst experience was having my car disappear for 5 months with no way of locating it!! Lots and lots and lots of detective work and phone calls later, the car showed up 45 miles north of where it was. To make a long story short, it is now in the possession of a gentleman that had originally worked on my car back in 2010 and will be back from paint and body on 2/16/2014. To say that I am excited would be an understatement.
  8. Thanks for the info Eurotrash. My e30 is on IE Stage 3 Springs with Billy Sport shocks front and rear. My guess is that the rears will be tight and might need a little roll and the front fenders will most likely need to get rolled. I'm not a huge fan of rolled fenders but I sure do love these wheels a bunch. Although, I could use these on my '72 tii. They would definitely fit under that car since I had the fenders removed and a set of H&B fenders molded in. Hmmmmmm.... tempting on both ends
  9. I am interested in these for my e30. Does anyone know if these will fit without any modification like rolling the fender? I did the math last night and I believe it will be tight so, I just wanted to ask you guys what you think.
  10. Do any of you guys have information on Marchal, Cibie or Hella, fog lights that were in production during the time when our cars would have been in production? Let's see what you guys have in regards to scanned literature, old catalogs, and period photos.
  11. This just made my day. I definitely smiled the entire time. +1 here
  12. Ace - I'm on R3v (for my '90 325i) and I vaguely remember this post. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever seen this done on something large, for instance a piece of furniture or anything non-automotive/small computer parts? I can't seem to find anything on the web that even points to something larger scale. Just curious if anyone has seen anything.
  13. Now everyone in my office is aware of this painting process. This is so cool. Any other applications other than cars, guns, helmets, phone cases?
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