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  1. Year: 1971 Make/Model: BMW 2002 Mileage: will check odo, but it says 70k or something low like that, pretty sure it's not accurate i also bought a set of bbs rs for it that i can include for a few extra bills. Good: interior is mint roundie no smog no serious rust (some superficial here and there, nothing structural...towers are mint) registration is current weber carb, cant remember model (i think 38/38) M10 Bad: needs some body work to get perfect trans, driveshaft, and diff were removed for a 5 speed swap, will need to be towed Price: 1750 obo (i have a little more than that into it, would like to get it back) FEEL FREE TO MAKE AN OFFER nothing reasonable will be refused. email/text messaging is the easiest way to get in contact with me, but if you really prefer calling that is fine. [email protected] 916.759.1613
  2. the engine is in the car, the transmission just isn't installed...i have the transmission, just not the clutch assembly which i figured keeps it from starting...
  3. seems that the buyer for the car is backing out. entire car (as a whole) and listed parts are back up for grabs.
  4. is there a way to start a 2002 without the transmission? only the flywheel is bolted up right now. it will turn over, but not start. is that normal considering the lack of trans/clutch kit?
  5. may be selling the entire car, so waiting to see if that ends up happening. if not, you're first in line. piece between the tails isn't for sale.
  6. buyer fell through, decided i might keep them, then decided i need the money for the build than the bumpers right now. i'm not really looking to split the set unless i have a buyer for both.
  7. mirrors have been sold. trim and bumpers still available. will accept offers on trim, however bumper price is fairly firm.
  8. mirrors are pending sale, bumpers are no longer for sale. accepting offers on belt trim.
  9. mirrors sold. Bumpers/Belt Line Trim: in good, but not perfect condition. Will remove and get detailed pictures. Prefer pick up but will ship at buyer's expense. missing front piece as shown in the picture. Bumpers: 300 obo Trim: 200 obo Quickest way to contact is: garrett 20 v at gmail dot com
  10. I responded to your email. Price is for both front and rear seats. Everything is from a '71 Everyone who has emailed me should have received a response. Please let me know if you didn't hear back from me.
  11. Glovebox, no handle, good condition. center console, no idea what the button is there for, also in good condition, with ash tray. Not really sure what either are worth, so any input on a fair price would be appreciated. I couldn't get a good picture of the seats without removing them, which i didn't have time for. They are in good condition with only a few flaws. I will get detailed pictures when i get the time to remove them. I also forgot to take pictures of the door cards. The driver side is in as good condition as the one pictured below, chrome trim is peeling, but otherwise in good condition. Will come with the speakers. Door Cards: $150/set Seats: $450/set Steering Wheel, Console, Glovebox: offer, would appreciate input on a fair price. I'm new to 02's so just basing the prices on what i've seen, let me know if prices should be adjusted. Quickest way to contact me would be email: garrett 20 v (at) gmail dot com
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