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  1. 14 Probably. Could go either way though if 15’s not a fitment issue.
  2. Good to hear that for you. If I were to try to get same rims, where would I find them? Thanks. Doug
  3. Hello, I got sidetracked for a while. Are these still available? Thanks, Doug
  4. They are very nice looking wheels. I need to try and sell a set I won’t be using before I can get these. I’ll put them up for sale and hopefully someone will pick them up before these sell. I’ll get back in touch if/when that happens. Thanks. Doug
  5. On the fence on these. Will they fit without any fender modifications? Can you calculate shipping cost to 94559? Thank you. Doug
  6. Awesome guitar player! Shocked to hear this. "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends...." Driving song: On The Highway by The Paul Collins Beat
  7. mlytle, Is the original molded floor panels (similar to particle board) reused in this process? I have the panels and intend to do this some day. I will discard them if not needed. Thank you. Doug
  8. First question: To me it appears the URO seal does not have molded corners like the original BMW seal. Therefore it does not matter how is is aligned? Second question and if I'm wrong on question 1 it may answer question 2. I am having trouble keeping the seal top edge on the glass. Due to the curve of the glass, it keeps popping off. Is there a trick to keep the seal on the top of the windshield? I'm thinking a small bead of silicone maybe. Thank you. Doug
  9. Hello, Every so often somebody posts a link for a website which had exploded PDF files for the 2002 and other older BMW models. I would do a search, however I cant remember the name (DAG?? or similar), hence no search. Could someone post or direct me how to get there? Thank you in advance. Doug
  10. Might be interested in center caps. What part of bay area are you. I'm in Napa. Thanks, Doug
  11. Good morning. Is this ready to bolt in to an '02, are there any adapters required? Thanks. Doug
  12. At first I was going to recommend more fiber in your diet. Then I re-read the topic. Ooops. All other reply's seem to have covered the possible problems and fixes. Good luck. And hey, more fiber won't hurt! Feud
  13. "What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?" "I Heart My Dog"
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