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  1. I can not say for sure that they will or will not fit. I am however, more then happy to have you over to try them on. Jacks, jack stands, and tools are plentiful at my house. Bring spacers if you want just in case. See if you like them on your car. I'll help of course.
  2. 4 Lenso super light weight wheels. with Kumho Ecsta V710 215/50/13's Tires have almost no miles on them. Only driven on the street for a little bit. Wheels are in great shape. One wheel has slight elongation of holes. Very minimal. Just want to be honest. Lug nut recess is still there and we have had no problem with the wheel like this. Driven approximately 200 miles like this. Tires were $240 a piece. $875 for Wheels with Tires. I also have some aggressive wheel adapters that could be included. They were $300 new and custom made by Fred Goeske.
  3. $26.60 is for shipping? or Pedal box and Shipping?
  4. I am very interested. I am in 91321. I'll email you.
  5. I will be heavily modifying the box to accept the master cylinders directed to the pedals. The last one I received on here had been bondo'd and sprayed black. He is literally tearing apart. Im disappointed to say the least. How much shipped to 91321?
  6. Need a pedal box in good condition. Dont care about the bushings. Just a good metal core.
  7. Where is the Oil Pan located? City? I would Love to see it in person. Price flexible?
  8. A bit of a delayed response, but are these still available?
  9. $950 obo takes it all M50 Engine- 167XXX miles Automatic Transmission - Shifts well Differential- OBO Driveshaft- OBO
  10. Everything is running and operating as it should. Getting ready for a motor swap. Time to pull parts out of the 1992 525iT. All parts are OBO M50 Engine- $1000 OBO 167XXX miles Automatic Transmission - $325 OBO Shifts well Differential- $125 OBO Driveshaft- $100 OBO
  11. My 69' turned 43. I am 27 and this was the first car I ever bought. Had her since 2003.

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