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  1. Yes not a problem , go for it you will notice the difference .
  2. What was the final verdict on this ? how has it worked out in real life application , Very interested to know?Will you be selling them?
  3. Re bush everything you will never get that tight click into gear that some Jap cars have but you will get a positive shift with a little slackness but It should be fairly positive.In the photos have you got your gear lever the right way round? Spin your lever 180* see if it makes the position better, seems like your lever is down a long way in 2 nd.
  4. Spin on or cartridge type filter, any preferences ?Ive blown the occasional seal on the spin on ones, maybe the older cartridge ones may be better.?
  5. Correct .and most people adjust them wrong and stuff the box ,Read the manual for the correct procedure/
  6. Hydro blasting is the latest thing , absolutely fabulous , no other coatings needed.
  7. yes there are a few different makes out there some are crap, I have a Meyer on and have had a good run with it , Use the correct bolts as well, cheap insurance in the long run.
  8. Bob did you use all the existing solex kickdown linkages?
  9. Has anyone replaced the solex dual throat carby with a 38/38 weber on an automatic 02.The solex is very worn (shafts) and I was thinking of this for an upgrade , the kick down cable set up might be a bit of an issue.Any thoughts? Wife likes the auto so its not getting a manual swap.
  10. BMW E30 seal is the same and most BMW dealers stock it YAY!!
  11. Can anyone help me out on the part number for the rear seal on the gear selector shaft(BMW 2002 4 speed)? In also assuming it might be the same seal as on the 5 speed or not .Cant seem to find it on REALOEM or W&N.
  12. Yep thats what I did spun two up on the lathe to fit in the hole .
  13. Has anyone had problems trying to match Golf paint ?Even though they have the 070 code (acrylic paint)it still comes out yellow not that greenish tint of the original paint ?Any advise?
  14. If you havent done it before, pay the 3.5K, save you a lot of headaches and youll get some sort of warranty as well.
  15. How much boost pressure could a standard flat top Mahle piston take ?Any estimations ?
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