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  1. Nice catch. A 745 with Recaros is a rare thing. You got very lucky there. If it were me, the rear spoiler would have to go. You might even come out better getting a rear trunk lid in black without the spoiler and nice paint. I've got 15" BBS on mine as well, and I think they fit these early cars just right.
  2. If I had to guess, I would say that they used RAL2009 "Traffic Orange"
  3. Hi Lars, you are of course right about the color of KF-VT 89. After I uploaded that picture, I thought it looked more red than brown, but of course by then it was too late. In the big 02 book it comes across as brown. (my bad) Are you sure about the 2.5 in the Diana? I thought I remember Rainer said that it origially had a 2.8. In 71 that would have definately been an option... Schöne Grüsse nach Frankfurt... Kevin
  4. Here’s Hans Stück workin’ it hard in the corners with the GS Tuning car Enjoy, Kevin
  5. Here are some interesting flares that I had never seen before I found these photos. I guess you could call them either “semi pig cheek”, or “turbo pig cheek” flares. After a little research, it seems that the factory race cars were also using these flares in 68/69. The same time they were running the "normal" pig cheeks and won the European Championship. With the exposed screws it reminds me of the later factory turbo’s. Here’s Dieter Quester in 68 in a car with similar flares at the rear and some really wild ones at the front. Enjoy, Kevin
  6. Hi Dave, here’s another one which is “boogieing” around a corner. This one is Hubert Hahne’s “Diana” 2002ti in brown. It’s not Siena, but at least it keeps the brown theme going. Hubert Hahne had Grähser in Saarland Germany to install a 2.8 liter M30 engine in this one. I would guess that at that time it had over 200hp. Maybe that explains why it’s dipping a bit more in the front than the Alpina. Today it's got a 3.7 liter M30 in it built for Hahne by BMW Motorsport. Unfortunately I’m only back in NC about 3 times a year. The flip side is that in Europe I get to be a “hard core” BMW junkie. Best wishes to everyone in the beautiful “Old North State” from Switzerland, Kevin
  7. Unfortunately a lot of Sienna colored cars haven’t aged well, but when the paint is nice they are really quite attractive. I’d take this one in a heartbeat… Kevin
  8. And last but not least, the smoking gun of when the first Borrani's were available from Alpina. In the attached catalog from late 66 or early 67 it states that only the 5 1/2 Borranis will be available starting sometime in the middle of 67. So the 5 1/2 x 13s were the first size available and the 5 x 13s seemed to have come in later in 68 as an option. In the Alpina catalog that I have from Jan 75,(unfortunately I don't have that one scanned) the Borranis are still shown as being available, but my guess is by that time there weren't many people who were still buying them. In the 76 catalog that I have they are no longer listed. Enjoy, Kevin EDIT: I think I should clean my glasses from time to time. Above it does show the steel wheels in this catalog, but only the 5 1/2. So they were still available in 76, but as Mark wrote in 77 they were no longer listed.
  9. Hi guys, just to add a little more proof, here's a copy of the Alpina catalog from 67/68 with both the 5 and 5 1/2 mentioned as an option. At least as early as this Mr Bovensiepen was offering these wheels to drivers of "exclusive automobiles" Kevin
  10. Hi, I was going through my some of my old Alpina papers last night and I ran across this original TuV test report for the A2 engine (?) from 71. Towards the bottom they mention that you can also upgrade to either 5x13 or 5 ½ x13 CRM Borrani steel wheels. I’m not sure if this is the definitive proof that Alpina only sold 5 and 5 ½ inch rims, but in 71 that seemed to be the case. Kevin
  11. They are Minilite "knockoffs" but from an Italian company Mario Mazzuconi - "MM". I bought a set last year on ebay with the papers. The GB 0.06 is the design number. They sold the same style in 5 lug as well for E12s and E23s also with the GB 0.06 number. Hope that helps. Kevin
  12. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who thinks the constant pictures of kids, odometers and peoples driveways full of cars is a little lame. I just got my Roundel the other day, (snail mail to Europe) so I’ve just now seen the changes in the flesh. This is the first time that I have ever chimed in on something like this, but I think that both Rob and Jonathan have the right idea, and that we should first write them and let them know that we are unhappy with the changes and then give them a few months to “hopefully” improve things. If after that there’s no improvement, then we really do have a problem. It looks like quite a few bridges have been burnt with this decision, but maybe there is still a chance to turn things around. As a 25 year CCA member, I also belong to the long list of people who used to read the Roundel from cover to cover the first day I got it. Unfortunately that more or less stopped in the early 2000s when the new content started to be less and less interesting for me. Even though I’ve lived in Europe for nearly 15 years now, I’ve never dropped my membership to the CCA. The Roundel was always sort of my anchor to the US BMW scene. I still enjoy getting my copy once a month, and instead of jumping ship, I’d like to see it get better (or at least not worse). I’ll definitely be sending them a mail. Rob if you are still reading this, I love your column and the hardest thing (bar no changes) will be only hearing from the Hack Mechanic every second month. You make me feel normal for trying to keep a “higher single digit” fleet of old cars on the road. Please keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your book. Cheers, Kevin
  13. I have a very serviceable hood from a Tilux in Chamonix that I would like to get rid of. There is a very small dent below the roundel, but otherwise it's quite nice with only very minimal surface rust. The hood is in NC near Charlotte, so a pick up would be the best. I'm in Europe at the moment, so please send me an email and I'll send you pictures. kevinphifer (at) bluewin.ch Thanks, Kevin
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