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  1. rewilfert

    Missing relay or switch under hood

    Perfect, thank you all for the help in sorting this out!
  2. rewilfert

    Missing relay or switch under hood

    I went back out today and looked more closely at everything. It appears that the plug had just been pushed into the area next to the 3 existing relays. I looked at the wire colors on the connector and this is what I found: I- terminal is Brown D+ terminal is Blue (x3) DF terminal is Black This matches up with the wires to the voltage regulator on the wiring diagram. This car has a newer alternator with an internal regulator. I traced all 3 wires from the plug to the connected (and cut) wires at the alternator. So, mystery solved. Where would the voltage regulator have been mounted? There is a spot on the inner fender just forward of the 3 relays where something was previously mounted with 2 screws (second picture). The plug also reaches that location perfectly. 2018-08-21 13.01.29 by rewilfert, on Flickr 2018-08-21 13.02.20 by rewilfert, on Flickr
  3. rewilfert

    Missing relay or switch under hood

    I just looked at the "1976" wiring diagram I have and it doesn't show a relay for the fog lights. There are quite a few wires going to the 3 terminals in the connector. I'll see if I can get the colors off them tomorrow.
  4. rewilfert

    Missing relay or switch under hood

    My car doesn't have fog lamps either, but I can't say that it didn't at one time in the past. My suspicion is that the relay or switch had something to do with the emissions control equipment that was removed at some point in the past.
  5. My '76 has what appears to be a missing relay or switch (it has only 3 connectors) under the hood. It is the last in a bank of relays mounted to the inner driver's side fender next to the battery. The location is circled in the attached picture. Any idea what this would have been for? 2018-08-20 16.10.27A by rewilfert, on Flickr
  6. rewilfert

    Connector identification

    Thank you for the pictures!
  7. rewilfert

    Connector identification

    Sure enough. I just searched for pictures of the '76 engine compartment and the washer bottle is above the brake booster bracket. Thank you!
  8. rewilfert

    Connector identification

    I checked the wiring diagram and those color wires match up with the washer pump. Thanks for the help! This plug is on the driver's side of the car. I thought the washer bottle and pump (both missing) would have been on the passenger side inner fender. Would there have been an extension harness that connected to this or was the washer motor located that far away from the bottle?
  9. rewilfert

    Connector identification

    I just looked on my wiring diagram and found the EGR Reactor Service Interval Switch and it has all the same color wires listed. It's likely long gone. The previous owner removed all the emissions related equipment. Thanks for the help!
  10. I need help identifying 2 connectors under the hood of my '76 model. They are both right above the brake booster bracket and not plugged into anything. The first connector has 4 wires: White White/Blue Brown Brown/Green 2018-08-16 18.56.30A by rewilfert, on Flickr 2018-08-16 18.56.42A by rewilfert, on Flickr The second connector has 2 wires: Purple/Black Brown/Black 2018-08-16 18.57.33A by rewilfert, on Flickr
  11. rewilfert

    Ignition switch wiring help

    Is this the switch that activates the buzzer when the key is inserted? Untitled by rewilfert, on Flickr
  12. rewilfert

    Missing Ignition Key

    I just went through this same exercise with mine. I took that 4 digit code along with the VIN to the dealer. They were able to order the correct HUF key from Germany. Worked perfect and only took a few days. To remove the lock cylinder, I simply punched the pin up into the housing. Trick is not punching it up in too far, it will jam the cylinder. Just punch a little at a time and try to slide it out. I think I had to punch it in close to 1/8". Without the key installed, the small wafers in the lock cylinder are sticking out and you can't slide the cylinder out. Robert
  13. rewilfert

    Help identifying cut wires

    Thank you!
  14. rewilfert

    Ignition switch wiring help

    Just curious, what is the seat belt interrupt delete?
  15. rewilfert

    Help identifying cut wires

    Thank you! That is what I was thinking after I found another picture showing the 2 brown wires with a female spade connector attached. I looked tonight and noticed the switch has 2 male terminals on it and 1 isn't connected to anything. I haven't been able to put electrical power on the car since I bought it (wiring is a bit of a hacked up mess). I also noticed that the parking brake switch was disconnected. Maybe the dash light was stuck on and the previous owner just started disconnecting everything in an attempt to extinguish it.