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  2. Steve, many thanks for sharing this great project. Love to see that this car gets back to its period look! Some more food for thought (various NK racing pictures found in the internet): http://picasaweb.google.com/historiccarracing/BMWNKRacing?authkey=Gv1sRgCKTHj6fuieWPqwE Cheers Stephan TiSA #181
  3. Next weekend, the Rush movie will be released in cinemas here in Germany. I am looking forward to it! Here are some pictures of the BMW at the set during filming. The location is the Nürburg village just right beside the race track. http://www.doettinger-hoehe.de/Dottinger_Hohe/Das_Neueste/Eintrage/2012/4/19_Fahrende_Telefonzelle%2C_Koteletten_und_Hochfrisuren.html Cheers, Stephan
  4. 1965 1800 TiSA VIN 995181 Polaris silver/ Red-black Location: Munich, Germany TiSA 995181 was originally imported into the US in 1965 via Max Hoffman. I bought the car in 2001 while living in Montreal, Canada. It now lives in Munich, Germany. Total restoration from 2002-2009. Some more information in the UK forum, http://www.02forum.c....php?f=40&t=308 . Cheers, Stephan Restoration Meant to be driven
  5. Hi, wish I could come over for the Monterey weekend in August! Cheers from Germany, Stephan TISA 181
  6. Hi Peter, TISA looks great!!! I really love those Campagnolo wheels!!! I still need to find some here in Europe for my car. Cheers from Germany, Stephan TISA 181
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