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  1. I see where you can get the slide pins, bolts and O rings, where does one get the piston boots and snap rings? also, do you use a hone on the piston bores?
  2. Are these Calipers still available (from any source?) If not, is there some kind of conversion kit available to change stock units over into something more easily attainable? I'm having a tough time locating calipers or even caliper rebuild kits.
  3. Steve:  I just started to redo my brake hard lines. Do you have any tips? Did you use 3/16 cunifer when you did yours? Do you still have your BMW?  Thanks.  



  4. Do you remember the part numbers/description of the fittings you bought to make your own brake hard lines?

    1. BMWMystic


      Also, did you get the 3/16 diameter tubing?

    2. nate_williams


      We use 3/16 (4.75mm) tubing which is available from any parts store (green coated). You can get nice new ends from Belmetric.com:




      We have a nice Mac Tools hydraulic flaring tool kit for making the lines. It helps having the right tools on hand on any given day. You may want to pick up a brake pipe straightener too.



    3. BMWMystic


      All useful info! Thanks.

  5. I'm working on my 1969 1602 brakes and am having a hard time finding parts. I ordered the long front to back hard line (using the FAQ-supplied parts #) from my local BMW dealer. They show zero availability in the US, so one's coming from Germany. It may take weeks/months. I may try making one myself (anyone know a source for the right size bubble fittings?) I may buy one of those bench top flaring tools from Eastwood ($200). I can't find shoes either so I'm investigating having a local shop reline the existing ones. They only use rivets and will have to research lining material availability. I found/ordered drums from NAPA (part # ATM A35008) and I'm hoping they fit. I'd also like to find a hardware kit, somewhere, someday...
  6. I have to slam my trunk lid 9 or10 times before it catches. It's almost as if the upper loop is not hanging down far enough to trip the latch. Is this a common problem? Can I just add washers to it to bring it down more or is this indicative of an alignment problem (or poorly installed weather stripping?)
  7. I went with the Bavarian Auto option last year but I've yet to install it. I have a queasy feeling about drilling a "big" hole in that narrow pilar... I may just get an IPOD ready radio and forego broadcast...
  8. What kind (& size) rims and tires are on your car? I like the way they look.
  9. I broke the castle nut holding down the tie rod ball joint on my '69 1602. Where can I get a replacement (Google turned up nothing.) I'd hate to have to buy a new tie rod ball joint assembly just to replace one nut! Any ideas? Does anyone have an extra? Is there a cross reference available such that I could take one off something like a 70's era VW Bug? (There are not a lot of old BMW 1602's clogging up Connecticut junkyards!) Please advise. Thanks. PS I hope to get to Lime Rock this weekend, hurricane or not!!
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