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  1. Steve:  I just started to redo my brake hard lines. Do you have any tips? Did you use 3/16 cunifer when you did yours? Do you still have your BMW?  Thanks.  



  2. Do you remember the part numbers/description of the fittings you bought to make your own brake hard lines?

    1. BMWMystic


      Also, did you get the 3/16 diameter tubing?

    2. nate_williams


      We use 3/16 (4.75mm) tubing which is available from any parts store (green coated). You can get nice new ends from Belmetric.com:




      We have a nice Mac Tools hydraulic flaring tool kit for making the lines. It helps having the right tools on hand on any given day. You may want to pick up a brake pipe straightener too.



    3. BMWMystic


      All useful info! Thanks.

  3. I have to slam my trunk lid 9 or10 times before it catches. It's almost as if the upper loop is not hanging down far enough to trip the latch. Is this a common problem? Can I just add washers to it to bring it down more or is this indicative of an alignment problem (or poorly installed weather stripping?)
  4. I went with the Bavarian Auto option last year but I've yet to install it. I have a queasy feeling about drilling a "big" hole in that narrow pilar... I may just get an IPOD ready radio and forego broadcast...
  5. What kind (& size) rims and tires are on your car? I like the way they look.
  6. I broke the castle nut holding down the tie rod ball joint on my '69 1602. Where can I get a replacement (Google turned up nothing.) I'd hate to have to buy a new tie rod ball joint assembly just to replace one nut! Any ideas? Does anyone have an extra? Is there a cross reference available such that I could take one off something like a 70's era VW Bug? (There are not a lot of old BMW 1602's clogging up Connecticut junkyards!) Please advise. Thanks. PS I hope to get to Lime Rock this weekend, hurricane or not!!
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