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  1. Hi David Very cool and rare 2002! All the best too! Hey...thanks again for the '73 Bavaria. Quite the find! Please know it is safely stored for the winter and well be very well sorted after its refurb. Kindest regards, Bill Patterson
  2. Hi there What year was the 2000cs? Was it a manual car? I am interested in the pedal box, if you still have it. Can send a few pictures of the pedal box? Regards Bill P
  3. Hi there I am back. Well sort of. I am beginning to collect a few bits and pieces for a new project. I bought ClassDave's '73 Bavaria. Very cool and solid car (Thx Dave!). Anyways, I am looking for the pieces or a complete manual pedal assembly to convert from auto to manual. Please let me know what you have!? Kindest regards, Bill P
  4. Hi there Is the Bavaria still for sale? Iā€™m in Edmonton. Regards Bill P
  5. Very nice. What parts does it come with? Was it a driving car before disassembly and body work? Thanks! Regards Bill P
  6. Hi dasfrogger Lovely work! Reminds me of my last '02. I would love to buy it and do it justice. Lots of desirables. Timing is slightly off though. There is certainly nothing wrong with the project languishing for a while; you may just need a few months to recharge. All the best, Bill
  7. billpatterson


    Hi. Nice colour! What year is it? It has short bumpers but square tail lights and 74+ grills? Regards
  8. Hi No need. The distributor was rebuilt by Advanced Distributors in MN. Jeff makes master pieces! http://advanceddistributors.com/wordpress1/services-2/ Thanks Andrew! I always enjoyed talking to you too. You are a wealth of info. All the best! Regards Bill P. Ps. I lil regretful. I'll do another someday...
  9. Is it a '71? Only 6 fuses? Please clarify? Thx Bill P.
  10. Congrats 'Mud'! Send me an email if you have questions? 'Hanna' looks as sharp as ever. Please send pictures of 'her' poising here and there šŸ˜Š ? Cheers Bill P.
  11. Hi Again...I offer the new owner of my restoration my time answering any questions. Congrats by the way!! I wish the new owner all the best and enjoyment driving and fiddling with this lil beauty (aka Hanna). Kindest regards Bill P
  12. Hi Steven (iinca) Damn...I did a good job restoring that car. I am very surprised you are selling her!? I believed you would appreciate her for the long run. Please remove the PDF and link to MY Google photo album. I did not give you permission to use them! I wish potential buyer and the next owner all the best. I offer you my time; ask me any questions you may have regarding her restoration. Regards, Bill Patterson
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