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  1. Problem solved, mostly... My pitman arm on one side was loose where It connects up at the steering box. The bolt was so loose I could turn it with my fingers. In turn bolts got loosened down the line. All is tight now but I need to investigate any further damage caused. Does anyone have links to decent diagrAmS with labels of suspension & steering Thanks to everyone who responded, 2002ers are all such helpful autoists. Hey, just invented words!
  2. Where Can I should I buy this center link with ball joint?
  3. 1974 2002 My steering is really loose. I can jack the front and move the wheels and observe a lot of play and a loose joint on the pitman arm. There is a pivot point on the arm that appears to have a ball joint inside that is wobbling. What size Do I need and where to buy these for the 2002? Should I replace other parts related while at it? Any help would be great as I can't find them anywhere specific for a 2002!
  4. It's the 2002 that is now unresponsive, what things should I check for or test to diagnose. These cars are quite basic but I need some direction. thhanks
  5. I used my '74 2002 to jump start my Saab, there was a bit of a spark when I first clipped the lead because the other ends were touching. Nothing big, just a quick spark. I then proceeded but the Saab has bigger issues and wouldn't start... So I turn the 2002 off, I come back an hour later and try to start the 2002 and it won't turn over! Panel lights up but engine does nothing! I turn on the headlight s to see if they work, they do but the odometer goes wacky, pulses up and down, then the panel light surge and then back to normal. Turn the key and still nothing from the engine. All fuses are fine... What has happened here? Any ideas? Please help!
  6. I am reluctantly forced to spend this Colorado winter driving my 1974 2002 due to clutch failure in my usual winter wheels, a 1991 Saab 900. I have had other 2002's through the winter months as a daily driver but its been years. Im wondering what everyone does to winterize their 2002 and make it more DRIVeABLE in the snow. -Should I throw an elephant in the trunk to compensate for the weight/traction issue? -Planning on buying some Blizzaks, any better suggestions for rubber? -My heater blows very weak and defrost is dead. Where do I begin to fix these heater issues? -The windshield wipers leave patches of wetness resembling swiss cheese, mostly cheese... How can I get them to make firm contact with the glass? -All around the side windows there is gushes of wind and thats gonna bite come freeze time. What, when, where, how to replace the strips/seals? -Any cold start tips? _Im considering pulling the door panels and stuffing insulation all in there for added heat retention! Seriously! Please, if anyone has experience with seriously winterizing there 2002 please help. Any and all tips, suggestions or anecdotes would be greatly appreciated! I hear its gonna be a DoOzY! ( I think i'll name my 2002 that, DooZy. Has a nice ring to it... yeah, Sahara Doozy. It's official. )
  7. OK, I replaced the voltage regulator and there's correct voltage at the battery but still no lights. There's voltage at the light plugs as well... The bulbs don't look burnt out, they look clean and good. Could they still be burnt out and just look good? By the way, how much voltage should there be at the bulb plug anyway? Thanks for the help.
  8. There is no external voltage regulator on my car. I only have the little gizmo on the alternator itself. Guy at the auto parts shop was a bit baffled by this as everything he looked up for a 1974 2002 showed only the external regulator like you described above. Should I just buy a new one and hope that's the fix or can I get mine, that's attached to the alternator, tested somewhere? I did remove it and took it in to Napa, he said he could test the alternator but not this regulator. I don't beleive the alternator is the problem. Napa man thought that someone must have installed a different alternator in the car for whatever reason. Now I'm stuck with finding a voltage regulator for a 1974 2002 but not external and hope it fixes the problem... Now that my headlights don't come on at all, how can I tell if my sealed beam lights are blown or if they're just not getting juice?
  9. Driving along in my 1974 '02, lights go sUper bright, back to normal, then bright again. Then out they go. Had to drive home with no headlights. First the brights did this then the dim. No blown fuses. What should I check? I've been told the Dynamo, should I just replace it or just serviced? WHERE IS THE VOLTAGE REGULATOR AND WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Why would this happen, does a dynamo just go bad? Help! Thanks
  10. Driving home tonight, all of a sudden my headlights flash into high beam, I'm talking SUPER HIGH beaM! Did not touch the low/high switch at all. Gauge display lamp as well went super bright, turned on blinker and it too was BRIGHT! Turned right on a street and then they switched back to the low beam I had them on. I flicked the hi-beam switch and out they went, black...switched it back to low-beammmmm and there was light. Did this several times to test it and now I have no high beam. Checked fuses, all good. Will check for loose connections in the morning. Anybody know what happened here? It's got me confused as to what it could be. It just Switched to SUPER high beam....then back to low....now no high beam? BizZare... HELP!
  11. I always get the "I used to have one of those... what a fun car... what year is that..." Everybody has a comment when they approach the 2002! You just can't ignore 'em!
  12. My nephew just aquired a 1976 2002 in SanFrancisco. He was smelling exhaust, maybe getting a little loopy...He took it to a mechanik and he was told that the 2002 stock exhaust tailpipe being straight out creates a vortex that swirls the exhaust back into the cabin somehow. I've had "sweet" fuel smells in my own but never exhaust smells. I'm just wondering if this vortex theory is a fact or just a myth? My trunk often smells of fuel but I like that...except when the contents absorb that smell... If it is true, would a simple extension remedy the vortex dilema? My 2002 has been my saddle in the VORTEX for eons and will be; 'till at least 2112!!!
  13. Nice shot. I would have simlified the background and included more of the grill, somehow. Just a pan to the left would have made it spot on with a simple horizon of mountains or trees in back. May be do another version with lots of grain. Publishable shot though! None the less, sweet pic.
  14. Plus one for the non-turbo. Mabe a simple thick outline, or a front grill graphic with glow in the dark headlights! That'd be coool. 2002 on!
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