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  1. Maybe we can increase the post requirement?
  2. Steve, just out of curiosity what (outside of this thread) made you think so -- did they reach out to others as he did to me? Any chance you have an IP? Thanks
  3. It’s funny, the email from him also vanished from my messages.
  4. Completely agree, all the warning signs were there, I chose to ignore in the hopes that I could get the car back on the road. Sadly it looks like that will be a while now. Live and learn.
  5. Yes and all phone numbers are fake or disconnected.
  6. Just so it makes it into search strings, the associated email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected]
  7. Long story short: I blew the motor in my car, posted that I was looking for one, was approached by one of those aliases (on here) that another one of those had a motor. I then ignored every warning sign that it was a scam in the hopes that I’d get the car back on the road quickly And am now out good money. Evidently I should have listened to my inner voice. Please be mindful when buying online even on trusted sites. Worst part: the car will now be off the road a good bit longer.
  8. Is anyone familiar with a "Martin Calvin" in New York, "Jon Wall" potentially in Ohio, or the user "Godslove" here on the faq? Thanks
  9. My motor has decided that it wants (considerable) love. To avoid downtime, does anyone have a built motor available? Running a 40/40, 123, Ansa, etc. so can support something interesting. What’s available? thanks
  10. Good, adjusted to give it a bigger shot.
  11. I'm running a newly rebuilt downdraft 40 on a canon manifold. 123 distributor with tii tune, fresh coil, linkage is working well (and heim jointed), new fuel pump. When you really get into the throttle it falls on it's face as though there's a fuel delivery issue. lines are intact and flowing well. The carb is running 185 mains and airs, 60 idles, F2 emulsions tubes and 50 pump jet. The only thing I can think is a potential issue with the pickup in the tank. Unless the mechanical fuel pump simply can't keep up. Any ideas on what could be the cause? Many thanks
  12. And there we go, thank you!!! Now: anyone have a retainer and boot available?
  13. You may very well be correct about it being sized for a long console! Is anyone willing to grab a measurement for me? thanks!
  14. I'd hoped there might be a more elegant solution but that might be the path of least resistance. Thanks!
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