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  1. Need the elusive 3 hole neck -- anyone have one collecting dust? Many thanks!
  2. Looking for a set of new or excellent condition front fenders, as close as possible to DC to avoid shipping damage. Thanks!
  3. When the PO restored my car they installed aftermarket plastic side mirrors. I'm installing a set of flag mirrors and it appears that when they installed the aftermarkets, they used the same mounting holes but increased the bolt size to an M6. This means that the holes in the stock bracket are too small and I'm not sure I can hog the holes out without splitting them. Is anyone 3D printing these brackets by chance? It seems like it might be easier to build a bracket. Thanks!
  4. Looking for a set of door cards and rear panels in black for my '75 -- what's out there? Thanks!
  5. 30 more seconds of searching would have revealed that Classic Daily sells them! Order placed.
  6. Whoever installed the 5 speed in my car fabbed up a center bracket that used all the angle iron at Home Depot and every available attachment point under the car. Unfortunately it interferes with the new Ansa downpipe. It appears that the best solution is going to be to use a better engineered transmission bracket. It appears that the U bracket that utilizes the original mounts will buy the most space under the transmission for the exhaust, unfortunately with them out of business I can't find a similar bracket. Does anyone know of a source for something similar? Thanks! Tony
  7. What cam does it have and how many miles? Thanks!
  8. Sent a message on the ansa pipe.
  9. Sent a PM on one of the wood ones.
  10. Sadly it's time to say goodbye to the black rubber Pep Boys side mirrors. Where can I secure a very good set of flag (or similar) mirrors and the necessary mounting brackets? Many thanks!
  11. Rather than piece together some added excitement for Sunday morning runs, thought I'd see if anyone has a more complete solution sitting on the shelf -- Dual webers complete with linkage and/or a built head with a 292. thanks
  12. Yup, have several left. $5 ea (my cost), will ship at my expense.
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