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  1. I am giving up and need to clear my “projects”. I am trying to fit in time to do an inventory and take photos of what exactly I have in parts, but I am open to inquiries for anything someone may need. Most of the spare/new parts I have are for the plain 2002 (not tii) Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries. I am not listing any asking prices, but I am willing to entertain any reasonable offers. Note that none I have the following cars for sale: I could be open to parting them, but prefer to let the car go whole. I am listing these under parts as none of these cars are currently drivable or on the road. 1973 2002- This was supposed to be the 2002 I would put back on the road. I have misplaced the title and am currently trying to get a new one. I stripped the paint and put a light primer to protect the metal. At this time, it will go without title. This car has been in the garage for at least 7 years and would make a nice project for someone to finish. I have all of the parts, but can part this one if no one wants the complete car. The car is buried in the garage and I need to get it out to take photos. 1976 2002- Cancer Patient- has rust. Clear title in hand. Car is complete; engine ran when last started ~ 6 months ago. Seats were trashed, so they were thrown out. Parts car. 1972 Bavaria- Automatic. Have photo binder of the car that I can email upon request. Dual Webers. Car is complete and I have had it garaged for last 7 years. I bought it in 2001 and have never done anything with it. 1988 E28 528e- Auto, Bronzit. Was my daily driver for several years and I took a job out of state, leaving the car to sit in the driveway. It has sat for several years, but I have the car running again. It needs the timing belt replaced before driving. I also have parts from a 1983 BMW 320is that I parted out. Body is gone, but I have the complete engine with 5 sp. tranny, differential, recarros, steering wheel and most of the parts from disassembly. I am located in Greenville SC. I look forward to hearing from you. I can provide photos upon request.

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