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  1. any update on the door seals ? Bill 2002tii Vancouver BC
  2. can you send me some info on the trunk/hood gas strut kit? very interested in this.


    [email protected]

    73 2002tii

    Vancouver BC

  3. My centre section is available if you are still interested. Bill [email protected]
  4. I have one purchased from 02bumpers that I may not use. Never been installed. I will know in a week or so. Bill 73tii Vancouver BC
  5. I know there is a bracket at the bottom of the vent frame which is in place but this one is a smaller bracket and according to the parts diagram attaches to the bottom of the short vertical frame section. I you look up the part # you will see what I am talking about. Bill
  6. I am in the process of putting my windows in my new door shells and have these right angle brackets #41516454333 that according to the parts catalogue bolt to the bottom of the vent window frame. Can anyone shed some light on what the purpose of these are?? or if they go somewhere else? They see to just be in the middle of nowhere. cheers, Bill 73 tii Vancouver, BC
  7. David, Cleaned in soapy water and wiped down with alcohol. Used 3m black trim adhesive. Worked like a charm. Like most things in life, preparation is everything. I thank you. cheers, Bill 73 tii North Vancouver ,BC
  8. One would think but I have tried 3m 08011, 3m 80010 both good weatherstrip adhesives as well as BMW proifile adhesive #831922232322. Nothing seems to hold. There are plenty of yellow adhesives out there that look like what BMW used but don't want to stick to stainless. Bill
  9. Anyone suggest a good adhesive to attach my new seals to the stainless rocker trim? cheers, Bill 73tii North Vancouver BC
  10. jfahuna, what do you have to offer? any pictures? cheers, Bill 73tii
  11. looking for the lower steering column dash pad for my73 tii. part # 51451820458 cheers, Bill verona tii Vancouver BC
  12. i am looking for the lower dash pad found under the steering column part # 51451820548 cheers, Bill 73 tii Vancouver BC
  13. I think I will try the wet towel and a heat gun. The panel is solid and has never had water damage. Really weird as it was just removed while the car was out for paint and stored in a dry basement. cheers, Bill 2002tii Vancouver BC
  14. I need some minor trinkets. All the hardware and trim that go on the wiper spindle and the two supports that go behind the center grill. They space out the retaining nuts. Bill Vancouver BC
  15. Anyone had any experience straightening warped quarter trim panels? Mine do not seem to fit like they used too. I am thinking maybe some steam and gentle persuasion... Bill 73/tii Vancouver BC
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