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  1. I have 13x6 deep dish enkies. These have deepest lip without flares u can have
  2. Original classic good condition I think it has the deepest dish that u can fit without flares. I'm running federal 595 205's and they fit. Thanks guys. Lee
  3. Hey I was watching petrolicius and there was this guy who turned his vintage Saab into a vintage rally replica and he had Russian mig gauges for clocks and tachs. Apparently this was common back then because the aviator gauges where higher g shock rated lol. Have u guys ever heard of this. I have a extra cluster and going to convert into aviator electronics for a project.
  4. Wow the torque! Is that due to the diff? Is your top speed like 70mph lol
  5. Just started tuning but rolled in with 85 at wheels and left with 135ish. I can get more but have to start really playing with timing and modify the runners. Setup 292 cam 9.5ish pistons stahl header tii resonator to manga flow muf itbs with mega squirt 5 speed 3:91 lsd she is a little devil now. IMG_0276.MOV
  6. How much. R they salvageable
  7. Hello. I'm in need for some new wheels. Do u have any gotti rims. 13x6 max. I've had beautiful vintage enkis for years but love the gottis
  8. Hey chamonix72 I'm running same setup and into the tuning phase now. Would u be willing to send me your tune. I would like to compare afr tables and such. Anyway looks great.
  9. That would be great. Lee_bowitz@yahoo Very greatful I have it running but it's lacking low end power and still need to tune high end. Too lean. I also get a occasional chirp in intake.
  10. Does anyone have any links to some afr megasquirt tuning examples for our 2 liters. Running 9.5 compression 292 cam 2 years ago I had my tii motor stolen out of car. So I have went with efi itbs. I can't figure out how to upload pics from phone. I have some engine porn I could share.
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