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  1. Here are the Vial Prototypes. We will test fit monday to see if the match. @bluehills2002
  2. Hey ok so here are some changes to the bumper holes.. see pics attached.. open to suggestions on design and such but they fit perfect on my car. They are also curves slightly to match the contours of the front end. i 3d scanned the front of the car. @ eddieoh2 Ill post pics of kidney grill soon. I want to reprint with nylon x filament looks way nicer then the current print @Highnote1 hey so i looked up the blunt bracket, and i made a model of what i think your requesting..?? see pic attached @bluehills2002 the dimensions can be any thing u want. Right now they are ment to fit, ats 13"rims, they are a deep socket center cap. meaning the hub sticks out a bit and needs to be taller. but other rims center caps can be way shorter. The only pair of rims i have are ats so without knowing dimensions can be hard.
  3. Bandwagon, yeah making a set now will post pics ASAP when done. rrost the holes are for a motorcycle fog light installation. The hole is 2.25” and can house a number of motorcycle leds.
  4. Hey everyone. I hope you all are safe, happy, and healthy. Sending much love! I have been working on prototypes for the late version bumper hole covers. I will post all my concepts and would love to get your feedback on whats working and whats not. The goal is to have 2 versions. One for fog lights and one not. trying to keep the price to no more than 60$ a pair. The material is nylon carbon fiber. Extremely light , heat resistant, and impact resistant. . Please have a look and let me know what your thinking. Once someone likes a concept i can print and ship to u. I also made center caps. They are bases on Ats caps. They are nylon carbon fiber so light!!. The center cap piece can have any design u request or can house a sticker. Other project include a 3d printed carbon fiber nylon center grill kidney, and a air intake for dual webers or Efi setups.. Thanks everyone Lee
  5. I use photogrametry for scanning. Ive gotten really good at it.. U need to polarized the light. Printr is a cr10 max with extreme upgrades to handle polycarbonate and nylon filaments/
  6. Mccusername. i have a tii so i will take measurements. or even scan it
  7. yeah im really enjoying the printing.. If anyone has a any ideas let me know. maybe ill start a new topic
  8. Yeah different days. And different seasons southern ca springtime was first one. And was colder I think for second one. I didn’t ever think the air box would give power gains. I did it for the mega squirt and to have proper filter and temp sensor etc etc I don’t know if this one will hold boost but I could print a version with 100% infill and that is insanely strong. Willing to test.
  9. James, Here is a pic of before and after. I added a air temp sensor which it did not have before, and we adjust timing at idle. i think that was it. Maybe some mixture changes mid range to account for leanness/richness..
  10. Hey everyone, I am a 3d engineer kinda protype guy, and years ago i built a custom fiber glass air box (by hand) for my ITBs on my tii.. That tii brake booser prevents off the shelf type air boxes so i made one. Then i bought a industrial 3d printer that can print nylon carbon fiber and other exotic filaments. So i design a air box thats 2 walled and specifcally deidcated to air flow and looks. note: before i built a air box i was running just veloctiy stacks with little filters. Dyno at 138 hp at wheels. After the air box with very little tune change she was at 149 hp. I will dyno this air box as well to seeif anything changes. Here are some pics
  11. All offers accepted this dash has been leather wrapped but the shrinking of the leather over time has made it stretch a little. There is some rust behind dash
  12. My friend but a boa constrictor He sleeps in car at night. big sign on car "warning live snake inside" never had a problem Hagerty even gave him a discount
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