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  1. i dig the bmw badge on the intake manifold, very convincing...
  2. Does anyone have experience with shops in Portland, OR for carb tuning? I recently finished swapping in a lynx manifold / single sidedraft swap, and I'm having a lot of trouble getting it running properly. Frankly I don't have the time or space to get it dialed in myself, and I'd like to get an expert opinion on what needs to be done to get it running well. If you know any shop in the area that has experience with DCOE tuning, I'd appreciate the heads up. Thanks
  3. kyalami - check your inbox Rob118 - sorry doors are stripped, no cards.
  4. FREE to good home! Moving, and need to get rid of this stuff. If no one takes it, it's going to the scrap heap. -Doors, 1x driver and 1x passenger -Front fenders, pair -Front seats, gobi, faded but good shape -Gas tank, no leaks when pulled, w/ sender -mostly complete set late model knee trim -Late model rear bumper w/ mounting hardware Everything came from late model 2002's. Located in SE Portland, it's free so I'm probably not going to ship just to avoid the hassle. feel free to stop by and take what you want, or make a donation to my '02 improvement fund!
  5. 2nd on the Rockwell test. The numbers don't lie, but I'd be surprised they were too hardened to cut with the right tool
  6. Are those the A4's? How do they fit in the car? Always thought they would have issue near the B-pillar... I've been really eyeing the GTS seats, but not sure how well they would fit, or if I would like them.
  7. I switched on some new shoes, a set of 15x7 et20 with 205/50R15 kumho's, and the car is now very darty on the freeway with a heavy steering effort. When I switch back to the 14x6 et30 w/ 195/60R14, problem goes away. I can still feel the car tramlining, but it's not pulling like with the bigger setup. What is the biggest contributor? Offset, tire size, camber/caster, toe? The car was recently aligned, and it looks like camber is very low (0.2deg) and caster is different between the two sides (3.5 and 2.6deg). The toe looks good, and on flat, level pavement car does not pull or wander
  8. Quick question regarding fuel supply connections: I have a tii tank in my car with a carb-style fuel sender unit. The car is running a single sidedraft with a stock fuel pump. the fuel supply is currently hooked up to the carb'd sender, and the tii supply line is plugged. I'm getting fuel leaking out of the plugged line, it seems like fuel is getting pushed up the pickup, especially when the tank is filled. What is the best way to hook everything up, is there any advantage to using the tii fuel pickup over the carb'd sender? Can I plug the carb'd sender and move the supply line to the tii pickup? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  9. hello all, I've decided to put up my 2002 for sale. Below is a link to the ad, I'm asking $6500. I believe it's a fair price for the car as it sits, but I'm open to opinions. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or through PM. Thanks, -Richard craigslist ad - 1973 BMW 2002
  10. 240 is the way to go, if your facilities support it. There is nothing wrong with a 120 welder for sheet metal work, and even smaller projects up to 1/4". Like many others here, I bought a Millermatic 135 w/ autoset and have had excellent results. The other plus is that they will hold their value and you can actually get some of your investment back if you decide to sell it. Not so with the cheap units. As for duty cycle, for the first several projects, your welder will far outpace your skill level. By the time you have some experience under your belt, you'll have a better idea of what you want and what you need. My $0.02
  11. I did the same thing, dry gaskets all around. Leaked like a sieve around the front timing chain cover, so I dabbed at the corners. Still leaked. Ended up RTV'ing the whole perimeter, as well as the valve cover. No leaks anymore, but I must be doing something wrong.
  12. These are MIM 1900's. Don't know anything about this particular set, but I'm running the same set-up on my '74. it's a tight fit, doubtful if your car is lowered or on stock suspension as they will probably rub. They are also somewhat heavy, ~18lbs. They look great though! Not the best detail, but here is a pic:
  13. that is some serious coin for a car in that condition. Hagerty lists the value at ~$125k, condition 1! I don't see the restoration costs justifying the investment...
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