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  1. Definitely good points to be considered. In my novice opinion, this would have to be researched fully before you start making components to go under the hood. I suppose if 3D printed parts were that tolerant to heat and chemicals, people would be re-imagining things like intake manifolds by now.
  2. Thank helps, Mike. I think I'm getting your vision. We will discuss it. Anything is possible if there is a market!
  3. If this works out with the grills, I don't see why not. I'll float the idea. But I think we need to walk before we run. In any case thanks for your suggestion. Nice to know another local guy in the '02 world. There are a number of us around Sac.
  4. Your point is well taken on the price point. But Interesting thought about manufacturing a billet grill... I will float that with my friend. I know Ireland sells a laser cut set of early model replacement grills designed for race cars. Are you thinking of something a little more polished for a street car that looks more like the original?
  5. Thanks all for your feedback and quick response. I totally get the point from those who race and need to find reasonably priced replacements, and those who would like to replace theirs but understandably don't want to pay what a decent set of early replacement grills cost. I can't make any commitments on what the cost will end up being, but the whole point is to make a part available that is too scarce and expensive for most of us to find or afford otherwise. I will be seeing by friend on Friday and will share this and any other inputs I get with him. If he decides to go forward with this, I will keep you all updated as things progress. Thanks again! Crash
  6. LOL... Ironically I'm shopping for a slightly larger SUV to replace my x5 right now. A lower optioned X7 would otherwise be perfect for our needs, and almost in our price range. But I just can't get past what they've done to that grill! I don't think the 21 - 22 inch wheels do much to help it either...
  7. Hi all. I am working with a friend who is an avid 2002 enthusiast owns a 3D printer. He and his partner (who owns a CNC machine shop) have successfully used their printer to produce small replacement parts. He is now considering re-imagining new plastic grills for early 2002's. Imagine a grill insert that will fit an early car, but looks like the black plastic grills from a later car, and you get the idea. The completed new product would be made of a high quality, highly durable plastic material that should hold up for many years, yet be reasonably low priced. I wanted to float this idea in the community to see if anyone might be interested in buying a set of such grills if they were made available. Nothing has been developed yet, and if this goes forward it would of course start with a prototype. But once the design has been digitized, they will have the ability to reproduce multiple sets. If this sounds like something you may be interested in for your car, please PM me. Thanks, Crash
  8. I have a set. Sent you a PM.
  9. I have a US spec one from my '73 tii. I sent you a PM.
  10. I can't figure out how to share the link to the actual post, but there is a set on the "BMW 2002 Classifieds" Facebook page that look pretty good. For Sale by a guy named Doug Franklin for $800: https://www.facebook.com/groups/436279306555955/ I'm not affiliated in any way, but thought I would pass this along.
  11. Thanks, Stevenc22. I'm definitely putting this on my "to be fabricated" list. I appreciate your sharing all the information.
  12. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this. Have you given any thought to fabricating these as a kit and selling them? I saw this setup on the '76 2002 that was featured on "Jay Leno's Garage". That car was built for a customer by Bavarian Workshop in West Hills (LA). I called Mark Norris, the shop owner last time I was in LA. He said they have no interest in producing this as a standard kit. It would be great for those that would want to have this set if someone fabbed a sold them.
  13. Original tii airbox in good used condition. Straight snorkels, no dents, cracks or holes based on visual inspection. All mounting points are intact and straight. One hold down clip is missing from front facing snorkel, and rubber grommets need replacing. But otherwise completely serviceable... just needs a good cleaning and some paint. $300 PRICE REDUCED to $250 or best offer! Local pickup in Sacramento, CA, or buyer pays packing and shipping costs FOB Sacramento.
  14. Complete Factory Exhaust Manifold from a S14 motor in an '88 E30 M3 (US Spec). A little dirty, with surface rust as you would expect, but in very good condition. No damage to flanges, holes, dents, cracks or previous repairs done from visible inspection. All mounting points are intact, and comes complete with O2 sensor. Original BMW part #11-62-1-308-805. Local pickup Sacramento CA, or will ship FOB to US, buyer pays packaging and shipping costs. Thanks, Crash

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