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  1. You could try a knock gauge https://www.summitracing.com/parts/cei-102001 or google "det cans" if you want a super cheap, manual version. It's basically headphones attached to the motor.
  2. I'm pretty sure at least one of the rear head bolts shafts has oil in it from the rocker shafts. The shafts have a little passage in the notches that align with the head bolts, and I'm assuming oil goes through that hole since the shafts have oil in them.
  3. The distributor housing above that could be leaking oil, have you made sure it's not coming down from there?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm planning on modifying the mounts and piping so it goes in the cutout, I'm just wondering if it would look awkward if the pipes are too large
  5. I need a muffler for my 2002, and have always wanted this Ansa system with the dual tips. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-BMW-2002-1973-1976-Ansa-BW0227-Rear-Exhaust-Muffler-Assembly/283531952593 When we did the bodywork and paint on the car, we made a cutout in the middle of the rear panel for a dual exhaust, but I don't know if it's big enough for the Ansa exhaust So can someone please measure your tips and let me know what the size is so I don't waste money buying this and having it not fit? thanks!
  6. Thanks for the help everyone, I ended up going with these pistons: https://www.maximillianblog.com/blog/10-1-mahle-pistons-for-2002s 10:1 Mahle and I shaved the pop-up down 2mm. Since the head is decked pretty far and the block was decked too, I went with the .3mm thicker headgasket too. According to my rough calculations I'm around 9.2-9.6 : 1 compression. Motor is together I installed it and got it running on the weekend. SO HAPPY
  7. Where in LA are you located? Do you ever get down to San Diego?
  8. That is good, or good enough to rebuild
  9. Cool thanks for the advice, where can I find 9.5:1 pistons? (affordably)
  10. https://www.qscusa.com/collections/bmw/products/bmw-pistons-set-90mm I'm rebuilding the stock M10 in my 71 2002. It has a 121 head and flat top pistons right now and it needs an overbore. I guess these would yield a 10:1 compression, but wouldn't I have detonation issues with our crappy 91 octane California gas? I just have a stock distributor and crappy 1bbl Solex carb. I'm not looking for performance, just good drivability. I'm not familiar with this motor's detonation tolerance, but on my 8v VWs 10:1 is too high on a 2 valve/cyl motor without a knock sensor ignition and good fuel control.
  11. I'm very close to you in San Diego, would be willing to sell this?
  12. My diff is whining and making terrible noises so I need a good one. I'd like to get a cheap differential, hopefully in San Diego because shipping would be pretty expensive. email me at [email protected]
  13. this is much better than posting the damn list of parts

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