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  1. I just picked up a 1961 700. I plan on doing a complete restoration. I am looking for some direction with sourcing motor rebuild parts. Any good places to start? Thanks
  2. Hi Doug02


    I'm looking for this steering wheel. Do you still have it?





  3. I have a full set of four HD bilsteins for sale. Used but in good condition. All rebound well. Asking 200 plus shipping Email me at [email protected]
  4. I have been equally as vocal (or so I thought) about clarifying that the exhaust that you keep showing a picture of from time to time IS NOT the same system IE now sells (as shown in the picture below, which happens to be my car). There has been a fair amount of positive feedback on the system in the last while because IT DOES fit and hold up much better (albeit with the caveat about the '02 being a 40 year old car now), so the recent rash of positive feedback (Wegweiser, myself, and others) is not without warrant. It took me two adjustments before everything settled in place. The pipe going over the rear subframe can be tricky, in part due to the fact its relation to the subframe will change very slightly from when the car is in the air to when its sitting on the ground. What worked for me was not just the side to side angle of the pipe but rather adjusting the forward to rear position via the slip fits. Don't you ever get tired of defending the Ireland stuff? I have some things from you guys and i am happy with the quaility. But when someone has problems or issues with your products and lets everyone else know about it, the last thing I want to read is an IE employee's opinion.
  5. I didn't receive an email from you. Try again or post your email and I will send you a message.
  6. I have someone who is interested already(emailed me)If that falls though I will get a shipping quote and get back to you.
  7. I have a new set of headers for the m42. Unknown brand $125 plus shipping E21 limited slip differential with 2002 rear cover. I took this out of a parts car and the condition was unknown. I had a local diff/trans shop look at it and they said everything looks good. $400 plus shipping. Long late model center console. Good condition with one small tear on side. $75 plus shipping E30 rear spoiler. Won't fit on an 2002 but will on a 320 Never installed $75 plus shipping Please contact me by email [email protected]
  8. Post in the "for sale" section but don't put location,price or pics. She will respond instantly...
  9. Post in the "for sale" section but don't put location,price or pics. She will respond instantly...
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