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  1. http://imageshack.us/user/marleyfan no prob, this work? Also have a new bav auto bleed kit with catch bottle and their slave tool. if anyone can use any of this stuff email me. and thanks.
  2. yah I'm lazy and inconsiderate. If you were interested you would have emailed. Thanks for the praise oh great one.
  3. Too many big pics to post... interested parties can email. Price is negotiable depending on location.
  4. I'm calling these a project because the driver seat if fully disassembled, but complete. The passenger seat is still intact. I left the drivers at a supposed upholstery shop and 2 years later it was finally returned... in parts. All the foam is nice and original plushness except the driver left hip. The shop did a repair and matched density so it should be good to go. The passenger bolster cracked up while in cold storage this winter, however I pulled back the crap vinyl and the bolsters are nm as expected for a passenger seat. One pair of mounting brackets are bent, one pair are mint. $500 shipped bulletproof in cont USA. Email stosh57 at hot mail for extensive pics. They are in great shape and worth recovering.
  5. black door cards are pending sale... I do have the rear seat cards. ill go snap pics of the fenders... may be too crusty on the surface, but they look solid. I have no grills. The headlights have a plastic lens? I'll pull them out as well.
  6. sorry no kidney or grills, no center console. The speedo cluster looks nice. The dash is cracked. Mint hazard switch. heading to take pics.
  7. they say Genuine Sheep Skin... made in China. Headrest holes were cut buy the PO.
  8. These were in an e21 I picked up. One looks New, one has a little wear. Both are plush and heavy. I'll start at $120 obo shipped. ($30 sh +/-)
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