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  1. The first person with $300 and a trailer can have my languishing project. Haven't taken photos yet, but I'll do so later and send them to anyone interested. The interior is pretty much gutted and partially de-rarified. Long block is still installed, though it will need work on the head and/or head gasket. Trunk has been gutted. No intake or exhaust, no cooling system or heater box. No trim. Clean CA title in hand. The worst: driver front frame rail and floor board rust. rear end and trunk damage that has been partially fixed by the previous owner. Does have eibach sport springs and bilstein sport shocks, good glass except for the windshield, good sheet metal except for the areas mentioned above, breaks, full drive train and spare 4spd transmission, breaks, etc. Lots of miscellaneous parts and hardware that I've pulled off. I'm just tired of looking at it and going back and forth about keeping or ditching the project. Time to ditch it. I'm east of McKinney between princeton and blue ridge. Feel free to throw an offer my way if you think the $300 is too much. edit: it's a white 1971, no sunroof.
  2. lol, for some reason i thought this thread was about state emissions/safety inspection and all I could wonder was how you guys managed to go that distance and get the ok since here in TX you have to inspect in the county with which you reside.
  3. we need like an amber alert system for '02s that get stolen. like a community wide system email that can be sent out by Steve or other admins.
  4. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+is+a+regulated+power+supply+used+for
  5. different VIN, different turn signals, different grille, different bumper overriders (extra chrome in the ebay ad), missing center caps in ebay ad.. ya, seems to be a coincidence
  6. Used car shysters like this exist everywhere. But that's not to say that we don't seem to have our fair share of miscreants hawking mediocre '02s. But please don't judge the rest of us by a few jerks. I've sold plenty of parts and even a couple of cars (I have '02 ADD) on here and I don't think I've ever had an unhappy buyer. In fact, I still somewhat regularly talk to the current owners of both of my old '02s. Too bad this one is so rough... it's a relatively unusual car. They've been listing it on Craigslist for a while, possibly more than a year. I think they had two of them at one point. yup, it was definitely around while i was searching locally for a car this time last year. the other one they had was a flared black 2002 with roof rack, 5 spd, recaro's, etc. claimed to be the dealership owner's car.. who knows.
  7. at $4500 BIN, that's a steal. Most cars of that caliber here in Dallas go for at least $9500!
  8. ah, the ol "everyone who carries a gun is a trigger happy criminal" argument. I better let my wife and mother-in-law know...
  9. they are indeed waterproof, down to 60 meters. It's funny how context can change perspective. For most of you guys, $260 probably is a lot of cash for an occasional ride along video. I've actually been looking at one of these for scuba diving, a realm where you're looking at $1000 or more for a decent camera, housing, lights, etc. So $260 is a STEAL for something i can mount to my wrist or BCD, capture 720p video of my dives, and not have to worry about ruining my primary camera in a leaky housing.
  10. no, that's a single downdraft. he's looking for the lynx crossover manifold that allows you to mount a single DCOE 40/45/etc
  11. gotta pay attention guys - they dont have any in stock
  12. oh i'm an enthusiast, just don't have it anywhere near running.
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