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  1. Hello,  how much would it be to ship the two side grilles to US 92821?  Thanks, Craig

    1. bigfoot


      I can ship them for $30.

  2. Thanks for the responce, it was real simple the 50amp inline fuse from the battery which has been relocated to the trunk.
  3. When I installed my battery for spring start up I absent mindedly crossed the terminals and now the car is dead, no gauges no starter. I'm wondering if anyone has experince with this and where I should start to look fix it. Thanks any feed back will be helpful.
  4. Ok sorry about that I saw your last post just as I hit send.
  5. Did you find a car yet? Mine may be for sale.
  6. I just throw my cardboard in the recycle, this is way more interesting. Still trying to get my head around it, but I love it amazing work can't wait to see more.
  7. Cold or warm weather if the car has not run for a couple days it requires lots of peddle pumping to get it started. Before I messed with it it just fired right up with a bit of choke. Thanks for the input when get around to it I'll try a few things out hopefully it's a simple fix. Cheers Erich
  8. I have a set of weber 40's on my car, the problem is the chokes, or starting circut. I disassembled them to put in a rebuild kit they are working fine except the chokes. When I pull the choke it stalls the motor immediatly, unlike before when I pulled the choke it nicely increased the rpm. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea what I did wrong and where I should begin to solve this problem. Thanks
  9. I have a stahl header and a set of HR sport springs, email for more info. $150 plus shipping [email protected]
  10. I have found the parts I'm looking for, not sure how to delete this post.
  11. Thanks I guess I'll go through them again and double check all that.
  12. I'm looking for a set of upper spring plates for tii struts (think they are all the same) and a cupped washer that goes under the strut bearing, also a set of rubber spring seats for the front springs. Thanks Parts found thanks. [email protected]
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