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  1. I’ll take the head like buckets.
  2. I have one and I am in Seattle.
  3. Hello - I am looking for an intact front face plate for the ash tray/hazard light with all (4) machine screw tabs in place. Thanks
  4. I’ll buy the fan clips. Thanks Nathan
  5. I am in need of a euro type wiper switch nob with the image of the wiper for my 73tii. The larger round nob not he early conical nob. Thanks.
  6. Very nice front grilles. Shipping is included in the price for lower 48 states. More photos upon request.
  7. Lots of good questions. I had some of the same for my Baur restoration. I could never get a sure answer in the painting or vinyl covering of the targa roll bar. Early brochures show it both ways. I wrote a blog on this site about my Baur that may help answer some of your questions. Nathan
  8. It seems Bavarian Klasse has turned to the dark side. I recently ordered a bunch of door glass parts, agreed to a price and was assured the package would be posted the next day. Now 4 weeks later - no package and no communication. I alerted members of the 2002 Classifieds group and several people responded with the similar bad experiences. It is so easy to be honest.....
  9. Nathan

    '74-76 bumpers

    Where are you located? I have a decent set you can have plus the hardware.
  10. What is the parcel shelf material? Can you cover it in black? thanks nathsn
  11. How can one get ahold of “Lars Alpina” i need a linkage set up for Weber 40’s with stock TI manifolds. Thanks
  12. 72 E12 head measures 129.5mm (5.09in). I have not had it pressure tested or mag particle tested. I will take the intake studs out for shipping and will include them if you would like. I am guessing shipping is probably $40 in the lower 48. Note both micrometer readings are greater than spec129.3mm. I am not a machinist and that's what you get at Harbor Freight - lol.... But that said the head appears very close to spec with out having been decked. I have revised this post to include the cam and end cover. I also have the rockers and springs and a bunch of old valves that are cheap to replace. Please text your interest to 206 681.6831. Thanks
  13. Do you have the dip stick tube bracket? thanjs
  14. Andrew is the wheel still for sale? If so I would like it. Nathan
  15. Hello - I am looking for the proper clamp for the dip stick tube to k-fish pump. This is for my 73tii with small diameter 9mm dip stick tube. Thanks

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