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  1. We still have a few kits for sale. Some have asked if front and rear kits are available separately. Front hood kit is $180 shipped in US. Rear deck lid kit is $170 shipped in US.
  2. More pictures provided comparing a stock torsion bar setup to this hood/trunk strut kit. It was designed to keep full open angle as close as possible to stock as you can see. Pictures of the full open hood and trunk are shown so you can see the entire setup installed.
  3. Dudeland, It's fairly close to stock. I have one 02 with the kit and 1 without so I"ll take pics tomorrow and post. Brian
  4. After good feedback on my car's hood/trunk strut setup, I decided to create a kit for others to add to their 02s. Just completed a small production run of brackets that have been packaged into a kit which includes four struts, 8 brackets, and all stainless steel hardware. This is a bolt on kit using the original mounts with a few extra holes that need to be drilled in the fender and rear 1/4 panel support brace for added fasteners. There is a picture of the kit below and pictures of each bracket installed on hood/trunk/fender/quarter panel. We made two additional prototype kits that were also installed on other 2002s with good success. Instructions are included with the kit. Price is $340 including shipping to the continental US. Reply with any questions. Thanks for viewing this ad. Brian
  5. This is an intake manifold with plenum, throttle body and runners. This was part of a turbo project that was put aside from the previous owner. The runners and plenum appear to have been cleaned and painted as you can see in the photos. Fuel rail, injectors and pressure gauge are included on the intake. There is a fuel pressure regulator bolted on. You can see the part numbers on the runners and the plenum. Date stamp says '76 so this may be from a 320i. Someone here likely knows more. Let me know if you have any questions. $450 plus shipping Brian
  6. Group of parts here that was from a fuel injection project that was never finished for a 2002. The car was subsequently fitted with an S14. Many of the parts are from an e30 318i including the ECU. TPS and AFM and much of the engine/ECU wiring harness is included. Distributor appears to have been modified with an optical pickup. There is an MSD ignition module, washer reservoir, some gaskets, and a few other random hoses/tubing. Brackets and tubing were likely a home fabri cated setup to go in a 2002. There's also a bag of wiring labeled motec. $150 plus shipping for everything. Price lowered.
  7. I went to the W&N high flow radiator and had the lower fitting changed to angle up at ~60 degrees. It's more than 45. I tried it without out the fitting change, and the engine moved enough that the compressor pulley started to rub on the hose. See picture of mine from the top down without the hose installed. So far no problems. By the way, this the absolute best radiator for hot climates. The two row core has somewhat wider tubes and flows better than any other stock size option I tried. Event tried a mini 3 row core but flow was not as good.
  8. Hi everyone, Final preparation for the Vintage here. Looking for a pair of front bumper brackets for a '74-'76. Need these to modify for a tow bar attachment. Someone must have them laying around from a euro bumper conversion. It's item 7 in the picture below which is called Support Shock Absorber Front.
  9. Thanks everyone for the pictures. Sure is good material to pick from for my wood project. I'll post a pic when it's finished. It may take awhile.
  10. Here's a picture from our last breakfast meeting. Ignore the British car in the middle. Hope you can make it some day.
  11. I'm looking for a 3/4 front view photo similar to the one attached in higher resolution. Besides cars, I like to do woodworking and want to enlarge one of these pictures up to 24 x 36 or so and create an intarsia wood wall hanging. It may make sense to make a smaller version at first to get the lines and the image correct. Plan to use many different kinds of wood plus perhaps some aluminum. Not sure of the final design at this point. I tried to print this in larger size but it's really pixilated. Much prefer a stock looking early bumper photo even though I have two large bumper US cars. Black and white photo is fine too. Appreciate any assistance. Brian
  12. jrhone: This is a driver side (left) regulator. Description has been corrected. Apologize for the confusion.
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