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  1. I went to the W&N high flow radiator and had the lower fitting changed to angle up at ~60 degrees. It's more than 45. I tried it without out the fitting change, and the engine moved enough that the compressor pulley started to rub on the hose. See picture of mine from the top down without the hose installed. So far no problems. By the way, this the absolute best radiator for hot climates. The two row core has somewhat wider tubes and flows better than any other stock size option I tried. Event tried a mini 3 row core but flow was not as good.
  2. Hi everyone, Final preparation for the Vintage here. Looking for a pair of front bumper brackets for a '74-'76. Need these to modify for a tow bar attachment. Someone must have them laying around from a euro bumper conversion. It's item 7 in the picture below which is called Support Shock Absorber Front.

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