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  1. Hi everyone, Final preparation for the Vintage here. Looking for a pair of front bumper brackets for a '74-'76. Need these to modify for a tow bar attachment. Someone must have them laying around from a euro bumper conversion. It's item 7 in the picture below which is called Support Shock Absorber Front.
  2. Thanks everyone for the pictures. Sure is good material to pick from for my wood project. I'll post a pic when it's finished. It may take awhile.
  3. BK02M5

    Tampa members?

    Here's a picture from our last breakfast meeting. Ignore the British car in the middle. Hope you can make it some day.
  4. I'm looking for a 3/4 front view photo similar to the one attached in higher resolution. Besides cars, I like to do woodworking and want to enlarge one of these pictures up to 24 x 36 or so and create an intarsia wood wall hanging. It may make sense to make a smaller version at first to get the lines and the image correct. Plan to use many different kinds of wood plus perhaps some aluminum. Not sure of the final design at this point. I tried to print this in larger size but it's really pixilated. Much prefer a stock looking early bumper photo even though I have two large bumper US cars. Black and white photo is fine too. Appreciate any assistance. Brian
  5. BK02M5

    Battery Tray

    Still for sale.
  6. BK02M5

    Window Regulator - Drivers Side

    jrhone: This is a driver side (left) regulator. Description has been corrected. Apologize for the confusion.
  7. BK02M5

    Window Regulator - Drivers Side

    More pics
  8. Good condition, bearings spin free, but I'd replace just cause it's much easier out of the car. Threads on the shaft are in good shape. Price is $70 plus shipping
  9. BK02M5

    Intake Runners, Manifold

    $19 UPS Ground to Houston
  10. BK02M5

    Battery Tray

    No hardware comes with this or plastic covers.
  11. BK02M5

    ECU - 318i Bosch

    This is a refurbished ECU from Programa. It was purchased for a project that was never completed. Bosch part number: 0280000328 BMW Number 13611466343 $60 plus shipping.
  12. Used Driver Window Regulator - crank mechanism works well. There is a missing plastic wheel on the end of the arm as you can see in the picture. If yours is okay, you can just swap over the wheel. $80 plus shipping
  13. BK02M5

    Battery Tray

    Used battery tray with light surface rust. It should clean up nicely then paint. It was removed from my car 30+ years ago. Need to clean out the boxes of parts. It should just bolt in. $25 plus shipping.
  14. BK02M5

    Intake Runners, Manifold

    Four intake runners, Lower intake manifold and four adapters with some hardware. This was from a turbo project the previous owner abandoned before getting an S14. Condition of all is very good. No noticeable problems. Could use some cleaning. You get everything in the first picture except for the one wheel stud. Not sure how that got in the pic. There are closeups of the part numbers. Not sure if they were from a 2002 or a 320 or 318. $150 for all plus shipping.
  15. Rich, Even though this is an old message... You might hook up with your local chapter to see if any of them have the older cars. We have a group of 2002 guys that meet periodically in the Tampa Bay area if you're interested and near us. Brian