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  1. hi guys, tentatively got a pair coming from another member. i'll let you(s) know if it doesn't work out. thanks r i
  2. hi guys, i managed to break the lock cylinder in the passenger door handle in half... anybody got a spare they'd like to part with? i'm going to do some web research as well, but thought i'd ask you fine folks first. thanks in advance, r i
  3. thanks guys! very much appreciated. this film is the reason i've not got around to putting in my new dashboard yet... r i
  4. this is WAAY off topic, aside from the fact that i've made many numerous trips to the hardware store in my 73' 2002, driving home with all kinds of long things protruding out of the sunroof, to secure supplies for making this: https://vimeo.com/84707200 its the trailer for the film i'm making. everything is handmade, it took me 3 years to make the sets, machine the armatures, build the puppets, and rigs for bothe puppets and the camera. thanks for watching! r i
  5. i'd love to join you guys, but i'll be out of town this weekend... did drive my car across yesterday though, its really quite beautiful, nicely curved, and still very smooth. have fun!
  6. its a feature that's led to me wandering around a parking lot asking someone for a jump, a couple of times now... what's astonishing, is how few people there are left around who are willing to give you a jump- last time most of the looks i got from people were as though they were talking to someone from mars. that, i'm used to, but several people didn't even know what i was talking about.
  7. I'm down too- depending on the day, i'll be out of town for a week in early sept. but i'll keep an eye on this thread.
  8. very neat! but a more appropriate question- what would it take to get that thing in a 2002?....
  9. steve this is awesome, man, thanks for implementing! this is now an improvement over the old! r i
  10. something i miss from the old site is the drop down menu that lists all the forum categories. is there a way to do this in the new implemetation? seems like it'd be powerful to have a dropdown menu (like the one for tech articles) for the forum link in the menu bar. with the old site it was less cumbersome to imediately jump to "cars" or "parts for sale" from general discussion. now i have to click the forum link, then select the forum etc. the site's growing on me though, a lot of the new features are totally cool. thanks! r i
  11. thanks for all the votes of confidence guys, it totally worked! here's the timelapse i shot, which isn't very good, a quarter of it is the back of my head. here it is: BUT- using an early frame as a reference (overlaid on a "live" image from the camera) allowed me to line up both the distributor and the rotor into basically the same position the old one had been in- the car fired right up. and then, yes, i did use my timing light to time the ignition once it'd gotten warmed up. now its time to understand the adjustable/advance features of my timing light... thanks again! r i
  12. so- i've gotten my hands on a rebuilt distributor and i'm so ready to give it a whirl. i've been studying all i can find on replacing one, and i had an inspiration. now- i'm a stop motion animator, and accustomed to using tools like surface gauges for keeping track of points in space. would it be nuts for me to very precisely "note" a spot on the rotor of my current distributor with a rig (or hell, i could set up a camera and use "onion skinning"- a distributor is only a single jointed puppet...) and then install the new one, lining the rotor up exactly where it was pointing in the old distributor without turning over the engine at all, then fire it up and time it? you can tell me i'm insane, i make stop motion, which no normally functioning human would do anyway. thanks!
  13. or email ken- kbmb02 up there- he's putting together a distributor for me now, and although i haven't gotten it yet, he's been extremely helpful with information.
  14. i was stopped at a light a few months ago on a Friday night, and a lady, out with her girlfriends for a night on the town, kissed her fingers and then patted my car on the nose as she grinned at me. kind of made my night.
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