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  1. It looks like he forgot the gold wire wheels with the vogues ,the curb feelers,the trunk mounted 3 point antenna and a Cadillac emblem
  2. The 76 front bumper stripped weighs in at 15 lbs I bent one in a front end clip and scrapped it It saved the front end from much more serious damage The rear should be similar
  3. I think you should take my investment advice I`ve made 500+ bucks a day slinging grilled cheese at Grateful Dead and other shows with a coleman stove, a couple of griddles,and a tank of propane thats not counting beer and other food products out of a 76 mintgrun Good luck to you
  4. some liquor distributor in Washington state should buy this and drive it to the grocery stores here.(with the jaeger girls of course!) on June 1st the state liqour stores all close and booze will be sold privately here so retail stores over 10,000 sq ft can and will have applied for the appropriate license. I think it looks great even though some treatments are questionable such as the bumpers but this may have been a clever way to deal with less than perfect ones. seller seems confident that only upper shot pictures will carry his sale
  5. I have 2 6 fuse blocks no plastic clear covers email sent
  6. Hi I have a complete top and bottom Tan I have a black bottom seat very reasonable delivery possible [email protected] 253-486-4151
  7. I have a nice dash with 1 crack on the front center of passenger side"tray" also a wash pump motor(not sure about a bottle) 3 sets of black plastic front grills a center grill from a 75 530i (could be made to fit a 2002 easily) [email protected] Parts are in Tacoma WA 98445
  8. Hi I have 4 speed transmission blower motor with fan mounted(these are balanced) a dash for your 76 with 1 crack on it 3 sets of complete strut/spring and rear springs too delivery may be possible as i am 2 hors north of portland [email protected]
  9. I have one the crank handle,lug wrench,hub cap puller combo for use with the stock jack this should fit in a flat rate box if it does i would want 10 bucks for it [email protected]
  10. YES!! they are necessary your car will miss and not run right without them my first o2 came with champion plugs with resistors and regular wires it popped and sputtered especially at start up and amonth or 2 later would die at stop lightst when it was in need of a tune up Bosch supers and wires were installed and points and cap n rotor(all bosch) it was like I bought a new car!
  11. I am parting out a 74 with a good nose panel I have a hood with a small dent I can throw in too I`m 2 hours north if you dont find anything local I have one pass side fender also [email protected]
  12. I have a 75 530i automatic I am parting out It has 157 k on m30 3.0 , headers rebuilt BW-65 Auto trans. sunroof good fuel tank polaris color straight body never wrecked mostly there excpt front calipers,glove box latch, T handle,battery cables.headlights drivers door regulator [email protected]
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