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  1. Hey guys, So I'm doing a simple spark plug replacement on my '73 2002 tonight and I'm a little confused at how to proceed. I'm used to working on American cars where you just plug and play with the cables and the spark plugs. However, when I pulled the old plug the tip was missing off the the end (presumably in the spark plug cable). This prevents me from plugging the new spark plug in because the cable only accepts a threaded tip. Should I just unscrew the tip off of the new spark plug (exposing the threads), install it, and then hope it works or do I need to get new wires and such. To clarify, I am talking about the spark plug tip that comes out of the engine and goes to the distributor. Thanks and I apologize in advance for my ignorance.
  2. Need door seals for my '73. Went to 2002ad.com and they're $200 a piece! Is there a generic door weatherstripping that works for the 2002? Seems like there might be a way to fit and then glue/attach the pieces together. Has anyone had any success with this? Thanks!