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  1. Thanks Toby, Sach's it is then. I've been reading about people using e30 m3 discs and from what I've read these are a little beefier but I don't think I need anything extra right now. Thanks again Steven
  2. Well it turned out to be the clutch after all. One of the springs broke free from the disc. Once I had everything out I decided after going to all the trouble of removing the transmission I'd be a fool not to do the 5-speed. A friend hooked me up with a 245 for a decent price and driveline services here in Atlanta have my driveshaft for rebuild and shortening. Thank you all for your input on this matter. On a side note from the conversion, whats anybodies opinion on the sach's clutch kit vs one of these http://www.specclutchsuperstore.com/2002-19721974-stage-clutch-p-15381.html Thanks again Steven
  3. Thanks for that! There is most definitely considerable play in the shifter itself. I tightened up the platform when I first bought the car because there was significant up down play in it. I rebuild my pedal box a few months ago and took the cheap road by not installing the slave at the same time because the slave looked good(hopefully lesson learned here on that). I've definitely spent more hours under my car than in it since I bought it roughly a year ago. (not complaining because that's half the enjoyment for me). The shifter has definitely seen better days so I'll have a better look at it later today and report my findings. It's a tough choice financially on wether to spend cash getting what I have running or just apply that money to a 5-speed. I'd hate to buy a shifter rebuild kit and slave cylinder only to find that the clutch is shot and have to drop more money on my my 4-speed Thanks for the tip here. It could most definitely be shifter related Steven
  4. The slave is most definitely moving. The question now I suppose is wether or not to go ahead and do the 5-speed conversion seeing as I'll have it broken down to that point. Its my daily driver and I'm on the highway often enough that it is justified. I know how several folks on here feel about any sort of dare I say "upgrades" so I'll expect an earful about doing it. Like I already said too, I have a spare 4-speed so the easiest and most cost efficient would be switching them out til I have time to take it off the road the conversion. Thanks for the pressure plate idea. I'll do my homework on here and see what I find about that
  5. Thanks C.D unfortunately the master and slave cylinders are good as is the shifter platform. I have definitely had left right play in the shifter for some time though if that means anything other than worn shifter bushings. The transmission has been leaking from the back for a while now and I'm hazarding a guess that my procrastination on taking care of it is whats going to cost me(time more than money fortunately). When my girlfriend came to pick me up earlier I had her press the pedal while I watched for movement at the slave cylinder. When she pressed the pedal I heard what sounded like something small and metal drop around the transmission. I couldn't find anything and on further thought I believe whatever it was was inside the transmission. I have a spare transmission from my parts car that I can swap out although I have no way of knowing how many miles are on it. Thanks for your input on this. Very much appreciated
  6. So here's what happened. I took off from a set of lights, went into 2nd then when I tried to go to 3rd it wouldn't go in. No grinding noise just felt like something was blocking me from changing gear. Tried to drop it back into 2nd and got the same thing. Luckily for me I managed to coast of the road and into a parking lot. With the engine running I can't get into anything except for reverse which feels like I'm trying to go into it without the clutch engaged. When the engine isn't running I can go from gear to gear no problem but when its running no joy. Hope this is enough information for someone to give me an idea. I didn't flush the transmission but I tried putting some more oil in it and still no good. Haven't had any problems with the clutch until now. Hopefully I don't have to pull the transmission but I'm already thinking that'll be the case p.s already changed the master clutch cylinder about 2,000 miles ago and checked for movement when the pedal is pressed and it moves freely. I didn't change the slave cylinder which I now know is a big no no. Is there a chance the slave cylinder isn't engaging the clutch enough?? I'd think I would hear some kind of grinding if that was the case but instead its like i'm hitting a brick wall when I try and shift Thanks in advance for any advice Steven
  7. Many thanks for the tip. Couldn't have came at a better time either. I was about to buy a set of 14's which consequently are still lacking in tire sizes these days. Ordered my from Charlotte NC and received them the next day in Atlanta. After reading several reviews online I was a little worried about the traction issues on these but so far so good as far as I'm concerned. I've been riding them as heavy as possible around the streets here and the back end is solid. Very slight rub on the back end(with rolled fenders and the full family on board). When I say slight I mean slight, there's not a mark on the tire from it and the sound of it rubbing could only just be heard by my son in the back seat. Over all I couldn't be happier. Many thanks for heads up on this one. FAQ at it's finest once again Steven
  8. Thanks for the input folks, I already replaced the webbing on the klippan's when I first bought the car. I'd like to modify them to make them retract because I love the old style of connectors. The idea I had was to use the spring mechanism from my late model and use the klippan locking doodads. Has anyone done this?? I've seen many 02's on the road around Atlanta and figured there had to be meets from time to time. Just had to get my car to the point it'd safely make it there and back. I'll keep an eye out for anything coming up. Where the pedal is concerned I actually have the original pedal but my 71 is missing the connectors to the floor due to rust. I've already patched and sealed any holes on the floor boards and plan on coming up with something to allow me to re-attach the original pedal. For now I thought I'd try the skateboard wheel just for shits and giggles. I've only had it on there for two days and I'm beginning to really like the way it feels. I know it's not correct but feels good under my foot. Where the rubbers are concerned I just hadn't put them on when I took this picture. I see I am going to have to be very careful when I post any pictures on here in the future. I'm sure someone will notice I have late model wing mirrors too. I have the original drivers side in hand but there was a pair of late model L and R's in the trunk when I bought it so I installed them to feel safer on the Atlanta highways. My plan is to find a correct period passenger side mirror but for now I'm making do with what I have. All in good time. Again thanks for the input! Love this website, it not only makes 02ing better but for me it's actually made it possible. Cheers
  9. The belts in the car now are actually 3-point but they don't retract. I was thinking in the event of a collision it'd almost feel like you wearing a harness. I'm interested to learn more about this if anyone wants to chime in.
  10. I believe the seat belts are original owing to the fact they were already in both front and back when I bought the car. It would seem crazy for someone to remove the three points and retrofit these I'd think. Forgive me if I'm wrong but it's a mod 71 and they still had klippan's then right??? I do agree that retractable belts would be safer. I have a set of 3 point belts in my 74 that I've considered swapping out but I'm still on the fence.
  11. Glad you find our recording of our obsessive/compulsion useful! I just like to have fun with it. I've loved these cars since I was a child and honestly thought I could never afford one. I started restoring vintage Lambretta's and Vespa's a few years ago and learned the basics of 2-stroke engines and panel beating there. I then got into riding dirtbikes with my kids and advanced on to 4-strokes. About 7 months ago I stumbled on my '75 02 being sold as a fixer or parts car. Sadly its eneded up the latter, although its been invaluable for getting my 71 up and running. From there it's gone from no clue about cars what so ever to a day and night obsession. The bikes and scooters were fun to learn on but they lack in the range that is needed to do a complete car resto. I've got enough on my hands with just one car to last me years. When I first got the 71 running it was a little scary driving it. The timing was a little off, I was only firing on 3 cylinders some of the time and all bushings and shocks were shot. Doing 40mph felt like 80. Now with those replaced and the engine running smooth it's becoming more of an extension of my arms and legs in exactly the way they designed it to be. I can't get enough of both tinkering and driving and again if I can say thank you because I'd have got nowhere without you guys.
  12. Thanks folks, both of you have been very inspiring through this. That M2 swap is my ultimate goal but it'll be a few years before I have the cash, knowledge or space to take on something so big. @Eurotrash Sorry if I'm stepping on your toes there mate, UROTRSH is my license plate and its always been my tag name online. Signed up before I realized there was already someone on here with practically the same.
  13. Here's some more pics of where I'm at with it so far. I've included a pic of my 75 that sadly became my parts car for the 71. It'll be my son's if he ever decides to take a break from his xbox and come work on it with me.
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