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  1. cml19552002

    car insurance considerations?

    The most important aspect of collector car insurance that quite a few people do not understand is the difference between a stated value policy and an agreed value policy. On a stated value policy you tell the insurance company that your car is worth $30,000. They charge a premium based on the $30K. The policy states that if something happens to the car they will pay the only the actual cash value of the car up to $30K. After a loss the insurance company will determine what they feel the car is worth. If they say the car is worth $20,000 then that is what they will pay you less the deductible. The fact that the policy had a stated value of $30,000 means nothing except that is the most they will pay. it will be up to you to prove to the company that they are wrong and the car is worth $30,000. This can be a very difficult job since the adjuster will fight you all the way since they are the one that told you the car is worth only $20,000. With an agreed value policy you tell the insurance company your car is worth $30,000. They will want proof and if it is acceptable then the car is insured for $30,000. If something happens to the car you are paid the $30,000, no arguments since the policy stated that you both agreed to the value before the loss. The agreed value policy is far superior and is well worth the additional premium especially since collector car policies cost far less that regular car insurance. The stated value policy is cheaper for a reason. You get what you pay for. Chris
  2. cml19552002

    Dashboard, clusters

    PM sent Chris
  3. I think I have a set of tan door cards and I am interested in the rear seat and door card I will check on the condition Chris 314-913-5252
  4. cml19552002

    PVC Door cards, batting, vapor barrier

    PM message sent. Thanks for doing this. Chris
  5. cml19552002

    Parts Cars MISC 14" BBS

    PM sent thanks Chris
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    SOLD: 14" BBS Basketweave wheels

    PM sent thanks
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    Everything 72',73',74'

    I just send a PM on some parts Thanks
  8. cml19552002

    Calling Bodywork Experts!

    It is hard to tell from the photo. One important thing to remember is this is your car. You said the truck's insurance company is going to pay the shop. Do not let them do that. They damaged your car and they have to pay you. It is your choice to have the car fixed at a shop of your choice, do it your self or keep the money. This is important because if they pay the shop and you have issues with the repairs the insurance company will not care. If they work with you then they have settle with you. If you are not happy then the claim is not settled. I would recommend having an outside shop that is good look at the car and give you their opinion as to the proper repair and a fair cost. Good luck
  9. I did a search but I could not find the answer. I was at a salvage yard looking at some sport seats that were bad, but they had a very nice pair of sport seats from 98 M 3 coupe. The leather is good and since they are much newer that the old 320's they should last a while. The price seemed fair at $300 for both including the electic motors and switches were are on the base of the seat. They look like they would fit, but I am not 100% certain. Has anyone ever used this seats and are they hard to install. thanks
  10. cml19552002

    Denver -Tii

    I have also bought parts from him with no problem. I have also spoken to him and he seems to be a very nice person who is a big 2002 supporter. He spent quite a bit of time on the phone giving me some very useful advice. I have a hard time believing the person described in the original post is Bryce
  11. cml19552002

    '02 Replacement Seats

    Has anyone found the original article with the photos or know how to contact the author
  12. cml19552002

    Insurance For Daily Driver?

    I am not aware of any company that will insure a daily driver car with an agreed value. This is usually done with collector cars that are not driven daily and many policies will have an annual milage limit. If you car is insured on a standard auto policy with full coverage the insurance company owes you the value of the vehicle if it is totaled. They will use several sources NADA, Kelly Blue Book dealers, etc. This work OK on standard cars. When you have a rare car it is best to make sure you have your own proof of the value. The best is a written apprasal from a dealer that sells the same type of car and the second best proof is actual recent sales of similar cars. I would also recommend taking photos and keeping all paperwork showing work done. If something happens to the car then you have to reach an agreement with the insurance company as to the value of the car. There is no upper limit the amount is whatever you can agree on. The more proof you have the better your chances are. The adjuster just wants to settle the claim. The more information he can have in his file to document the value the easier it will be to settle. Please remember the car belongs to you so if it damaged or totaled you always have the option to keep the car so long as you pay a reasonable price for the salvage which should be 20% or so of the agreed value. Finally the insurance company is contractualy bound to pay you the actual cash value of the car at the time of the loss but it is the insured's (your) responsibilty to prove the value to the insurance company.
  13. cml19552002

    Insurance For Daily Driver?

    I have been stuck in the insurance business for 35 years so here is a quick lesson on coverage. The best way to insure a collector car is with a collector car policy with an AGREED Value not Stated Value. With an Agreed Value policy if something happens to the car and it is totaled you get the agreed value no questions asked, no proof needed. With a Stated Value policy you tell the insurance company what the car is worth and the premium is based on that amount. If the car is totaled they pay you the value of the car not the stated value. The most they will pay is the stated value. To get a collectors car polciy at the time it is written you have to show you have another vehicle that is insured. If the collector car is you only car it is difficult to get a collectors car policy. You might be able to get one if you can prove that the car is not drive daily, possibly accepting a milage limit but if you do be careful. If you insure you car on a normal policy and it is totaled the insurance company owes you the value of the car at the time of the loss. If the company says the car is worth $3,000 but you can prove it is worth $10,000 then they owe you $10,000. The trick is you have to be able to prove the car is worth $10,000. The best way to do this is to have the proof before something happens. This includes photos, list of work done and most importantly recent sale prices of similar cars. If possible get an appraisal from a dealer that sells that type of car. The more documentation you can give the adjuster the easier it will be to settle. The improtant thing to remember is the insurance company is contractually bound to pay you the fair market value of your car. It is your job to provide the proof of the value. I hope this helps