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  1. Great. You're asking $30 for the pair, right? I need you ship them to Rockville, MD 20854. You can email me at and I'll give you my shipping address, and you can give me your email so I can paypal you the $.
  2. I just stumbled on this, I assume you sold the brown arm rests, right?
  3. Frengel

    Garage Clean Out

    Check your in (or maybe your junk) box, I just sent another email.
  4. Frengel

    Garage Clean Out

    Deal, email me so I can paypal you and give you a shipping address.
  5. Do you still have the rocker panels?
  6. Frengel

    BMW 2002 Parts

    How much for the steel Tii wheel? I sent you an email also.
  7. Frengel

    Garage Clean Out

    Is the one-barrel air filter housing complete and in the original finish? If so I'll take it. Will you take $15 + shipping? Sent you an email also.
  8. I was looking for a set of the Klippan belts that came as original equipment on my '71 2002 (the ones that clip on to the big chrome loop between the seats). But, I going to take your retractable belts if they're still available. Email me to exchange payment and shipping info at Let me know, thanks.
  9. Is it one belt or one set? What are the details? What style, color, and price?
  10. Frengel

    My slow starting 71

    I'll follow these suggestions and let you all know how I make out next weekend. Thanks to all of you, I really appreciate the help. -Jeff
  11. My stock 1971 2002 has developed starting problem. When I try to start it at first I get nothing. Then with each successive attempt I get lights on the dash, then more and more cranking until it turns over. It has a relatively new battery and I keep it on a Battery Tender whenever its not running. I've checked the battery output, it's good, and I never get the click-click-clicking of a dying battery. I'm thinking grounding or a regulator of some sort. Do any of you grizzled veterans have an idea of what to check next? Thanks.
  12. Frengel

    Long Island NY: Car crashed selling parts

    Ugh, hope nobody was hurt. How is the driver's door?
  13. Are the seatbelts still available?
  14. Frengel

    More parts for For Sale

    Did you sell the Klippan seat belts? If not I'll take them.
  15. Frengel

    Original Klippan Seat Belts

    Do you want me to buy the full set, or just the one? How much?