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  1. This fuel line is also available at for $8.25 per meter
  2. jmaxiv

    FS: coming soon.

    Owners Handbook - 1600, price please jmax at yahoo dot com (18014 zip)
  3. Thanks I just bought a set.
  4. Thanks Sean PayPal sent. To everyone, thanks for the emails. I purchased a set.
  5. I'll interested at $120 shipped. Please contact me at jmaxiv at yahoo dot com James
  6. Email sent to William. Thanks for offering CD, but I need hardcopy. Still looking if anyone has a set for sale. Thanks, James
  7. I want to purchase a 1966-1976 BMW 1502 1602 1802 2002 Repair Shop Manual Original 2 Volume Set [Hardcover-Spiral] Set must be complete. Thanks
  8. jmaxiv

    Wanted: Headlight adjusting screw

    I bought a small sheet of white nylon 3/16" thick. I tapped a 5mm x .08 hole and cut the pieces to size. My headlamps are now perfectly adjusted. Someday if i have time i'll make a hundred from the left over nylon and sell these. Everyone seems to need a set.
  9. Not mine, just posting it due to the interest in the Scheels that were "gone in 60 secs". Good Luck
  10. jmaxiv

    NJ, PA, NY : )

    Hey Ratt, seems like it, bummer too, I cleaned my car, scruffy though it is.... Let's plan one with at least a couple days notice and a route / destination so we can get a good group. Email me if you want to coordinate something in advance. I have a few ideas. James jmaxiv at yahoo dot com
  11. jmaxiv

    NJ, PA, NY : )

    I just moved here so I don't know the best drives. However, I'll throw out a suggestion to spark the debate. How about Lambertville to Easton up the river road (route 29), or up the river road on the PA side (Route 32). Stop for food at Sette Luna in Easton? Hopefully prior to sundown as I'm not running relays (yet) and my lights will melt my wiring. Haha
  12. jmaxiv

    NJ, PA, NY : )

    My "maybe" is now 90%. Where in Central NJ? mrdew did you suggest a meeting point and route? If so I think I missed it. BTW, does anyone here do Sommerville on friday nights? Thanks, James
  13. jmaxiv

    Getrag 235 close ratio 5 speed $350

    Yup, 235 and 245 look very similar. If you have doubts contact the seller.
  14. Someone jump on this! NM/NA Less than 50k miles and guaranteed to work properly.
  15. For Euro turn conversion I used the GM parking light method. Your car has two wires, one for the turn lamp and one for the parking lamp. The lamp in your EURO turn is the turn signal lamp only. You need to install a parking lamp in the housing. See this link for pix and instructions:,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,268960/highlight,euro+turn+signals/ I bought GM parking lights for $2.95 each. I drilled 11/16" hole using a step drill bit in my cordless drill. The GM parking light snaps into the 11/16" hole. I used 194 bulbs (pack of 10 for $7.95). Crimp the black wire on the parking lamp to the parking wire (can't remember the color on the car maybe blue) on the car. The brown wire on the parking lamp is the ground, ground it to your light housing. This is a simple project and the result looks clean and professional. Good Luck