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  1. temujin

    people wanting to race!!

    have not had that happen in hawaii yet. most people just dont know what it is.
  2. temujin

    Complete A/C system

    looks great please send me an email. with price. thanks tim.
  3. temujin

    Complete A/C system

    i would love to buy that. email me please at owp1@hotmail.com thnks tim
  4. temujin

    german plates!

    wow great pics and information guys. thanks for some great ideas!
  5. temujin

    german plates!

    is there a company that sales the round german liences plates?
  6. temujin

    german plates!

    I was thinking of putting a german front licenes plate on my 1969 1600. and was wondering if anyone has done this! please post pic of car if you have some, would love to see what it looks like on are cars. thnks tim
  7. temujin

    Rear Seatbelts for Gustav

    i am also in need of some seat belts for my 1970 1600. the front seat belts are the original ones and every time i get out of the car they fall out of the car.Is there another type of seat belt that can be used in are cars maybe a new model type? any info would be great .tim
  8. i love the color as well. if you guys find some more pic please post merry christmas to all. tem
  9. temujin

    Thinking about a 2L in my 1600

    i have a 1970 1600 i just completed my 2l swap with 301 cam-38/38 carb 5-speed trans lsd,ir stage one suspenion kit, headers and ireland eng.stainless steal ex. i will tell you it is a completely different car. you never want to get out of it, you just want to keep driving!
  10. temujin

    1600 vs 2002

    The breaks are smaller front and back there are no, sway bars stock. motor 1.6 not 2.o not that thats a bad thing.6 in the fuse box not 12. be carefull, on what you want to do to the car trying to change a 1600 to a 2002 or more can be a big dent in the wallet.
  11. temujin

    fuel tank from tii in my 1600?

    the one i have is already in the car so thats not the problem. i am getting a tii fuel gauge from a friend i guess we will see if that fixs problem. i will post pics soon. thanks for info guys.
  12. well i have been rebuilding my 1600 for about a year now and i am almost done. ran into a problem with my fuel tank i think i have a tii tank and sending unit. but i have 1600 fuel gauge, because the tii fuel sending unit is londer than a stock 1600. im guessing i have to have a tii fuel gauge to go along with it? if anyone has any info on this kinda problem i would be most greatfull for any tips. thanks tim.
  13. nice find whats your vin number for you 1600 wonder if its close to mine. love the color buy the way.tim
  14. i have a bunch of motor stuff around and was wondering as i try to build a motor. will a 318 block work with a 121 head with a 301 cam. any info would be great.thnks tim
  15. temujin

    38/38 weber intake manifold?

    thank you guys so much for imput, going to use a 32/36 manifold and open the hole some. thnks for all the great tips. aloha tim