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  1. Looking for a adapter for a Nardi steering and a BMW horn button to fit 73 BMW 2002
  2. Thanks! Will do so more research and check with a few other resources. Presently breaking it down and giving it the usual overhaul/cleaning. John
  3. jcarter2002

    Solex 2Bl Carbs/parts

    Looking for old Solex 2bl carbs for parts etcs, for rebuilding exisitng carburetor.
  4. Where can I find them at that price?
  5. It seems that my mixture screw is missing from vibration. Any ideas where to get one and spring. Any help is appreciated. John 73 Fjord 2002
  6. My ignition switch makes a continuos noise when inserting the key, car cranks fine but buzzing is still present ??????
  7. jcarter2002

    Solex carb rebuild kit #SO-62K $20

    Is it Still for sale.....Do you know where I can get one?
  8. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new set of the seats>