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  1. fjord2002turbo

    Alpina 2002 valve cover, SOLD (nt)

  2. fjord2002turbo

    Alpina 2002 valve cover, SOLD (nt)

    Upon a really close look the letters are not cast, they are bonded. Hard to see and it looks great none the less.
  3. fjord2002turbo

    Alpina 2002 valve cover, SOLD (nt)

    Alpina is cast into the cover. It is all one piece.
  4. fjord2002turbo

    Blinker set, great gaskets

    Left and right blinker sets. Great gaskets, right is in near new condition, left is in good condition. A little mothers polish and both are very presentable. Best offer. PM or email for pics:
  5. 1974 2002 turbo factory steering wheel in great original condition. Found this several years in europe. Original and complete, includes the factory turbo mount, horn button etc. If you want a true turbo steering wheel missing for your real or reproduction car, this is it. $450.00. Email for pictures,
  6. Very nice shortened reach, close fitting front and rear bumpers for 74-76 2002. Complete with shocks, side boots. Email for pictures,,or call at 970-274-1988. Make an offer as I'm not sure what a reasonable price would be. In addition I live in Colorado and can ship UPS. I can get a quote if you send an address. Thanks for the interest, Bill
  7. fjord2002turbo

    Italian turn signals

    looking for a pair of italian turn signals. email at thanks, Bill
  8. fjord2002turbo

    Wanted: Euro Turn Signal

    interested in the italian signals, email me at thanks, Bill
  9. fjord2002turbo

    2002turbo project for sale (nt)

    please send pics and contact info. thanks, Bill
  10. fjord2002turbo

    Bmw motorsport 1602, touring car, 67 shell, original bbs 3pc

    Black lacquer, blacked out trim and beltline trim removed.
  11. I'd like to find a car I sold 25 years ago. The car was a 1967 1602 shell, built into a german touring car race car in 1974 or 1975. It had schnitzer flares, the original bbs 13" three piece wheels, originally with dunlop race tires, dog-leg close-ratio 5 speed, lsd, roll bar, scheel seats, dual weber 45 dcoe, later nose and tail. Motorsport steering wheel ( as in m1s and csl race cars) and more. I drove it as my street car for 4 years and sold it to a buyer from Maryland, I believe. If anyone knows anything about it's whereabouts please email me. I'd like to get it back. Thanks, Bill I'll try to post pics or email me.