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  1. Took JRhone's advice and put 2 COCONUT air fresheners in my trunk this morning in hopes of tracking where the exhaust fumes were coming from. Within a few minutes of driving the entire car smelled like coconut. What do I do next? From other posts I've read on the subject some people replaced the fuel tank sender gasket, others said to replace the seal around the tail light gaskets. JRhone- what did you do? thanks.
  2. Speedo doesn't work

    What if the speedo AND odometer don't work?
  3. I bought one online from Costco a few months ago and I'm very happy with it. It fits really well and doesn't look as lame as I thought it would. I paid around $30 including shipping.
  4. STOLEN! Taiga green 74 from West LA, CA

    Was your car parked on the street overnight when it was stolen? Does anyone think that "THE CLUB" is a decent theft deterrent?
  5. Over the weekend I noticed the temp gauge inching up towards the red alot faster than it used to on my car. It was about 85 degrees outside and i was doing alot of stop 'n go driving. I've read in the forums that some of you have converted to a 320i radiator. Is this something I should consider? What would it cost me? My radiator is the stock version. My car is a '76 model.
  6. where to paint?

    Paint in california isn't what it used to be since lead-based paint was restricted by the state on January 1st. I wouldn't waste my $ on the water-based stuff that's being used now. I took my car across the border to a shop in Tijuana and got a pretty decent paint job & some dents fixed for 1/3 the cost of what I was quoted Los Angeles. I did no prep work-they did it all.
  7. Wanted Black Set offloor mats for my 02

    I have a pair of used black mats. Send me your email address & I can email you a photo of what they look like.
  8. a few pics from Bimmerfest

    what kind of camera?
  9. paint questions

    You know that California changed the law January 1st forcing body shops to use an "environmentally- friendly" lead-free car paint ---and it's crap. My nephew owns a body shop & he loathes the paint that the state has forced them to use. He says it's difficult to apply, takes 2-3x longer to spray and the results are sub-par compared to what they were using before. I decided to take my car across the border to Tijuana to escape the new law and got a pretty great paint job for $900 - 1/3 of what I would have had to pay my nephew. I had an old Mercedes diesel station wagon painted & I'm pretty happy with the results.
  10. WTB black door panels!!!

    Did you spray can paint them black?
  11. WTB: engine

    I'm interested in the engine as well if Vic doesn't take it.
  12. My neighbor is selling his '75 automatic. Its a california car. He's asking $4k. I can email photos if you're interested.
  13. My valves are pretty clackity on my '76. I just got a valve adjustment & they seem even louder...?! Right now I'm using 20/50w oil. My mechanic said to switch to 10/40w oil. Does that make sense? Has anyone on the faq used AMSOIL oil on their cars? ( I know my engine is probably ready to go but I'm not in a place financially to replace it now.)
  14. Gasket-passenger side mirror

    Need the gasket to install a passenger side mirror. Anyone have them?

    $80 includes shipping No pitting in chrome, small gap in plastic surround on upper right side. Mirror is in good condition and securely in place-not loose. On a scale from 1-10 this mirror is an 8 1/2! SERIOUS inquiries only! If you don't want to buy don't waste my time with emails then leave me hanging when its time to send payment.