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  1. I have a few steering wheels. email me at [email protected]
  2. Jparra


    i applaud you for how you handled it...it's far better than littering the board with a heap of simultaneous threads BTW did Jparra takes his marbles & go home....? Im not even gonna waste time with you. Obviously you have no life at all so you just complain about dumb stuff on the internet. So get a life and shut. Go find some friends.
  3. Jparra


    I dont give a DAMN what you think.
  4. not sure of working condition. PO gave me them with my car. email at jesseparra00 at yahoo dot com.willing to trade for parts.
  5. Jparra

    Gas tank

    took of a 73. email at jesseparra00 at yahoo dotcom with your offer.willing to trade for parts.
  6. Email at jesseparra00 at yahoo dot com with your offer. willing to trade forparts.
  7. Jparra


    I got 4 rear windows. 2 green tint with defrost. and 2 clear, one with defrost and one without. 3 side vent wndows. L and R green tint. And one R clear. And i guess those other ones are for the doors. dont know which side but is green tint. Email me at jesseparra00 @ yahoo.com with your offer. I need to get rid of these. Also willing to trade so tell me what you got. I guess these are the door windows?
  8. well the gray one i saw this morning at a german mechanic spot on pch. it was nice. its only 3 blocks from my house. and the red one has been under a car cover for years...all i can see is the front of it.its between 19th and pch in an alley.
  9. do you have a trunk lock? not the latch just the lock. and how much? and it doesnt matter if you dont have a lock.
  10. i got a pair of double light grills...not sure for which model
  11. you guys are confusing me...what does charcoal have to do with it?
  12. ok so ive been looking at alot of your guys 02's on here and i havent seen this in any of them. Its not connected to anything(although in the pic it looks like it is). I asked one of my friends and he said its probly a gas overflow but he said dont take his word because he doesnt work on bmw's. Thanks, Jesse. its the little box thing on the right side. and also its not mounted on or anything it just sits there.
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