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  1. Personal preference but the 73 tii is one of the most desirable. roundie to squarie was 1974-1976 for US models.
  2. It does not go in the block. Never tried to take one out. Good luck getting it out. If you do try the double nut I would suggest getting as close to the cover as possible.Be careful not to break it. That would suck..
  3. So just an option throwing it out there. If you can find a pair of TIi struts on eBay or something, Ground control in shingle springs California can cut off a he tubes and reweld a more standard tube size to expand your options for struts. Especially if you leaning performance. Have fun.
  4. I’m sure people have seen this bu it caught my eye. Willy wonka circa 1971. Pretty cool!
  5. Thanks, I found one one EBay. Just needed one for a spare tire. Thanks.
  6. I also ran a metal line back to the trunk for the hp fuel line. I had a Tii tank and was able to fit a 318i fuel pump and sending unit up . It fit right in. Just had to adapt the electrical a bit. You don’t have to run a stock air cleaner, K&N has some options. I am just getting around to putting in a stock air cleaner. I am fabricating the bracket the mount to the fender well. I did the swap in a 69. You might think about doing a 5 speed transmission conversion while your at it. Then a LSD, box the rear trailing arms, and in and on and on.. BTW Macmillan importing may have some of the tii linkage brackets. Try if you can to get them out of the car the motor came out of. Even the air cleaner brackets if the car is available to scavenge from. Good luck!
  7. Second the battery or connections. If you have an amp meter you can see what the battery is trying to deliver when you try and start. Should be about what the battery is rated for, 500 CCA cold cranking amps. If you don’t have one clean up and tighten the connection to the battery first, if no help just go get a new one and try it.
  8. https://m.ebay.com/itm/NEW-BMW-Genuine-E10-2002-Front-Center-Grille-51-13-1-826-675-/281494172969?nav=SEARCH In the description it says 9 sold?!?
  9. Not sure what you meant by checking them, I would loosed the connection and retighten at a minimum. If you did that never mind. I would also check the connection on the back of the cluster. If I recall the blade connector can loosen up. Good luck
  10. Truck panels are popular tonight! I just ordered some for my roundie tonight from Esty! Haha.
  11. Wow, that is nice. Too rich for my blood!
  12. Yikes. That boss should accommodate the front bolt to the motor mount..drill and extract said sheared bolt. Easier said than done.. sorry.
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