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  1. zip tie it loosely to something in that area - just be sure it doesn't interfere with anything (i.e the hood release) before replacing under-dash panels
  2. They send much more than enough to complete both sides (driver and pass). 8 feet I think
  3. This stuff worked (for me) like a champ! --> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Precision-Parts-75-0636-Universal-Weatherstrip-Seal-/372314373640?hash=item56afaa7e08 Perfect fit
  4. jdt10768

    Best Place For Your tii to Breakdown ?

    sorry I missed this drama, great story with a happy ending
  5. jdt10768

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    I can pick up your stuff if needed Carl. Just PM me the details, and I'll get it to you by mail or car at some point. * Also, I think the Sandlappers CCA Chapter people from Chas are going, so you may want to ask one of them - quicker delivery
  6. jdt10768

    Brake Fluid reservoir cap float switch repair

    I have an issue where the float is filling with fluid, and the black rubber plug (which brass piece plugs into) has deteriorated. So I will try to find the entry point for the brake fluid, and drain that thing. But does anyone sell the black rubber grommet? Will check realoem . . .
  7. jdt10768

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    That's a clean Alpina underbelly right there, damn
  8. jdt10768

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting a group together for that road trip Mike
  9. Yes, Scott sent out an e-mail earlier this week with that detail (and a site map)
  10. jdt10768

    Easy Horn Upgrade

    Did you set these up so that you can also use your original horn if you like?
  11. interested in retro as well, but wondering if you can spray a clear coat on the raw sport model to avoid rust and keep the unfinished look
  12. Looks great! Cuanto cuesta por favor?
  13. jdt10768

    oil catch can

    I was seeing some nastyness dripping between the air filter and carb, and since my valve cover vent was routed to the intake/air filter enclosure - decided to install a catch can to see if that helps. This is an e-bay 25$ model, compact design and it doesn't stand out or attract attention. I did drill one hole after thinking about it for way too long