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  1. Dash Cluster

    Looks great - what brand/model LEDs did you use Geoff? Link?
  2. wondering where you sourced the 3 pronged black socket plug please . . . ? Thanks!
  3. Thanks JB, I was actually interested in the VW p/n, and neglected to look at the linked thread. This will be a nice little improvement
  4. Interested in part number and process for reinstall please Paul Just rip the old out then thread the new back into the channel ?
  5. Trim delete logic?

    I agree, that trim needs to stay put ray_ A friend was about to have the hood holes welded closed before paint, and I talked him off the ledge
  6. One does not simply choose Agave Agave chooses it's suitable owner
  7. E30 question

    i know you're kidding
  8. driver's seat sheepskin cover

    Anyone have one they want to sell? Shoot me a PM pls!
  9. Hi Healey,

        Do you still have those sheepskin seat covers you mentioned in an earlier post please? 

    If so, I am looking for a solution to some cracking seats. Please shoot me a message!

    Thanks,  John Turner

  10. 3d Printing interior/exterior bits?

    How about the round chrome donuts that surround the headrest shafts - on top of the seat backs: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=2552-USA-01-1970-114-BMW-2002&mg=52&sg=10&diagId=52_3708&q=52101819850
  11. I wish I were closer - that's a very good deal vs what we would need to pay here for similar results
  12. Need one for a '70 model Pass side interior door handle - to open door from inside car
  13. 2 different hood bars

    I would personally use the bar that is original to your car / production year