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  1. jdt10768

    That signature '02 interior aroma

    45 to 50 years of decaying horse hair, seeds and stems, fart remnants, plus the carcinogenic off-gassing of vinyl interspersed with gasoline vapors
  2. jdt10768

    Hurricane Florence

    NC definitely took the brunt of this one, and the rivers are still on the rise from what I understand Careful out there
  3. jdt10768

    Question about brake fluid reservior cap...

    same issue here, float filled with brake fluid. Rubber pin holder disintegrated. I just bought the e21 replacement, but it stands out like a NEW PART in the engine bay. meh, who cares?
  4. jdt10768


    I like those hubcaps! question: will they fit any/all steelies early and late? I know the answer is most likely No, but I have some late model steelies and would like to fit hubcaps like these. Is that do-able?
  5. jdt10768

    Stolen 02' - Boulder, CO

    Dude, where's my car ? Glad you got it back!
  6. zip tie it loosely to something in that area - just be sure it doesn't interfere with anything (i.e the hood release) before replacing under-dash panels
  7. They send much more than enough to complete both sides (driver and pass). 8 feet I think
  8. This stuff worked (for me) like a champ! --> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Precision-Parts-75-0636-Universal-Weatherstrip-Seal-/372314373640?hash=item56afaa7e08 Perfect fit
  9. jdt10768

    Best Place For Your tii to Breakdown ?

    sorry I missed this drama, great story with a happy ending
  10. jdt10768

    Vicariously Viewing Vintage

    I can pick up your stuff if needed Carl. Just PM me the details, and I'll get it to you by mail or car at some point. * Also, I think the Sandlappers CCA Chapter people from Chas are going, so you may want to ask one of them - quicker delivery
  11. jdt10768

    Brake Fluid reservoir cap float switch repair

    I have an issue where the float is filling with fluid, and the black rubber plug (which brass piece plugs into) has deteriorated. So I will try to find the entry point for the brake fluid, and drain that thing. But does anyone sell the black rubber grommet? Will check realoem . . .
  12. jdt10768

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    That's a clean Alpina underbelly right there, damn
  13. jdt10768

    CCA Icon 2002 preview

    I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting a group together for that road trip Mike
  14. Yes, Scott sent out an e-mail earlier this week with that detail (and a site map)