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  1. nickymono

    Intermittent wipers?

    Yeah, your wiper relay might be worn a bit after 40 years... so maybe it's not able to attain the proper wattage before kicking on in the intermittent position without an improved ground. let us know!
  2. nickymono

    Intermittent wipers?

    never fixed, though never attempted to fix. Probably the relay. find a buddy with a parts car and buy it off of him/her.... cause jeeeezus they're like $300 from BMW. Good luck!
  3. Located in Portland. Brand new in box. Never mounted or even taken out to the garage ... Bought them from Parts Geek... they are a bunch of phonies... don't order from them cause when you want to return something they NEVER EVER pick up their phone. Anyway, have these left over from a project... so here they are for significantly less than I paid. $200 local pickup $225 Shipped to US. Email me at nickymono at g
  4. nickymono

    VDO bottle

    ohhh.... sure. Here they are. Thanks PhotoBooth!
  5. Thanks for those tips! I'll keep them in mind. However I have sold these seats locally, so sorry everybody!
  6. nickymono

    Front Strut mounts - brand new - Portland - $50

    Gone. Thanks Matt!
  7. nickymono

    VDO bottle

    Dirty, but totally functional. Could use a trip through the dishwasher. $30 shipped.
  8. Nice set of blue seats, but the driver's seat has a couple holes.. Totally functional. Mechanisms are in fine working order and springs are in good shape. Weak point is the vinyl.... so you should recover them is swanky suede or something. $100 + shipping You are welcome to arrange your own shipping - cause I am not sure how to deal with such a thing or find a box big enough.... Thanks! e maail nickymono at g mail
  9. One pair (2 each) good for one bar front or rear. Brand spanking new Have red polyurethane bushings I think they're $28+shipping at IE, So how about $23 shipped? - save roughly $15 $20 local pickup Firm. e maail - nickymono at g mail . com Thanks dudes!
  10. From Autohaus - I think they were like $65 plus shipping - still in plastic. I'll sell em for: $50 local pickup $55 shipped. eee maail me at nickymono at g Thanks!
  11. Gotta get rid of these since I sold the 02 Bought them, then got a pair used, installed used pair, now need to sell these. Never been out of box - well ok, I did squish one of them to compare them to used ones... but really, never even been outside. $215 local pick up $235 shipped in US. Paid $275 @ Partsgeek - NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM CAUSE YOU CAN"T RETURN ANYTHING EVER CAUSE THEY NEVER EVER PICK UP THEIR PHONE - Can you tell I'm frustrated with them?
  12. nickymono

    FS: Repa front seat belts; all new parts

    k, make a sticky.
  13. But in the US you buy oil in quarts. So buy 5 quarts - fill it till it hits the top line on the dipstick. Use 20W-50... or if you can find it, straight 50 weight. But whatever, you'll figure it out.
  14. Hey dudes, I'm pretty sure I've determined that I need a new starter. It worked fine for a looong time, but out of the blue it decided to just slowly chug. It sounds tired with a slow turn to it... it starts the car about 5% of the time. Otherwise it prefers the rollstart approach. So first, do you think this is the starter? Battery seems fine as it runs everything else with no problems and the car runs great after rollstarted. I've tried to jump it with a couple vehicles, and the slow grind of the starter doesn't speed up. I've also tried jumping it straight to the starter... still chuuug. So I've got a line on a re-man Bosch starter (remanufactured by bosch itself), that could be overnighted for $95. Is that a good deal? Should I look elsewhere? Thanks!! Nick